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Dear Beachbody,

Words cannot describe the joy and happiness that I have experienced since discovering Slim in 6. I just can't contain the excitement of sharing my Beachbody Success Story with others. Like so many people, I have tried every healthy and not-so-healthy way of losing weight—usually to no avail. I can say without a doubt that nothing compares to the convenience, challenges, fun, and immediate results that Slim in 6 delivers. Slim in 6 is my new best friend!

I was blessed to never have had a weight problem growing up. I saw many people struggle with obesity, but never quite understood how it could overtake your attitude, your confidence, and your life. For so many, it is the one stronghold on their lives that they can't seem to overcome. Food can be an addiction, but if we can retrain our bodies and minds, it doesn't have to control us. Slim in 6 helped me in so many ways to conquer my addiction to food.

Growing up, I took being thin for granted. I just figured I would always be thin, but boy, was I wrong! When I reached a new milestone in my life called "having kids," being thin became a thing of the past. I gained 50 pounds with the pregnancy of my first daughter almost four years ago, and that B.B.B. (before babies body) was nowhere in sight. I thought, having children is a miracle—but it was going to take another miracle to get back in shape! For the first time in my life I was faced with a weight problem.

For over a year I struggled through yo-yo dieting and strenuous fitness regimens to lose the unwanted pounds. After a year and a half I finally succeeded in reaching my pre-pregnancy weight. I was able to keep it off until May 2003, when I found out I was expecting my second child. Yes, it was a blessing indeed, but I was terrified that those 50 pounds were going to come back to haunt me. I continued to exercise and tried to eat healthy throughout the pregnancy, but as the months went on, my size grew. I slowly began to gain those unwanted pounds once again. Halfway through the pregnancy I decided that I needed a plan to shed the extra pounds quick. I wasn't going to let a year and a half of my life go by again before I felt confident and good about myself.

I started seeing the Slim in 6 infomercial on TV all the time. Every day I would turn on the TV, and every day there it was. Amazing Success Stories, beautiful beach bodies, and the famous Debbie Siebers—I couldn't take my eyes off of it! I quickly made up my mind that this was the program I was going to do. I was going to order Slim in 6 and put it to the test. I had nothing to lose . . . except inches.

The day came when I gave birth to my second daughter, and once again I was faced with the flab. The difference this time was that I had a plan. I had barely arrived home from the hospital before I was picking up that phone to order the program. I had already told so many people what I was going to do that I felt like I had to live up to the name "Slim in 6."

I received my shipment, read all the material, and wasted no time getting started on my Beachbody journey. When I started this program I was in a size 13 pants. Each week I was dropping dress sizes. I could feel the weight and inches melting away. My muscles were starting to take shape and I was becoming stronger every day. With every workout I would challenge myself to push just a little harder. Boy, was it ever paying off! Every time I took my stats I was blown away by the progress I was making, and in such a short amount of time. People began to comment about my weight loss and wanted to know my secret.

The support and encouragement I received from members is indescribable. I met so many wonderful people with whom I will have lasting friendships for years to come. I could always count on them to motivate me to go Push Play, even when I didn't feel like it. With the awesome support group I have, it's impossible to fail!

Six short weeks later, here I am, yet another Beachbody Success Story! I am now wearing a size 6, and only weeks after having a baby. It's unbelievable! I am now proof that yes, you can have that "before babies" Beachbody back if you decide and commit to six weeks of training with the darling Debbie. If you follow those first two steps, then your success is guaranteed!

I cannot thank Beachbody, Debbie Siebers, and the support team and members enough for helping me to reach my fitness goals and get back my self-confidence. That's something that money can't buy!


Brandi P.

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