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Dear Beachbody,

Let me start by saying thank you for my amazing transformation!

I was attending college when my husband was transferred two hours away for his job. I moved with him and still attended school in our original city. I commuted every day two hours each way! Needless to say, my body suffered. I ate fast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I sat in my car for four hours every day and sat in class for the rest. I quickly gained weight. At this point I seemed to have given up. I gave in to being fat.

A few years and lots more pounds later, we adopted a beautiful little girl. I knew I wanted to model a healthy lifestyle for my daughter. I tried to exercise. I even hired a personal trainer. I gave up. I tried to diet. I gave up.

One day a friend called me to ask if I would order Power 90 for her birthday. I said sure. She referred me to the Web site, I ordered Power 90 for her without too much thought. Then something made me go back. I began reading the Success Stories and looking at all the awesome before and after pictures. I took the Solution Finder test and it told me I should order Slim in 6. I didn't order it right away, I wasn't quite ready. But I continued to be a regular visitor to the site.

Finally, after reading all the inspirational stories, I ordered Slim in 6. Again, I wasn't quite ready—my excuses kept winning out. Still, when I visited the Web site I kept seeing the same three words, "Just Push Play." Just push play? I can do that! So, that's what I did!

And you know what? It's just that easy. In only two rounds of Slim in 6 I lost 40 pounds and over 30 inches! Talk about an extreme makeover. I feel amazing. The fat literally seemed to melt right off. It seemed as if I was shopping for a smaller size every week. It became common to have worn something only once and the second time I went to wear it, it would be too big. This program is so amazing! I want to scream it from the rooftops! I actually love to exercise now and even miss it on my "day off."

Angela B.

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