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2004 Hollywood Trip


I finished my first round of Slim in 6 and the 6-Day Express Diet Plan three weeks ago, and it has taken me this long to figure out how to put into words how my life has changed.

I have to admit that I was one of those people who had to watch the infomercial about 25 times before I bought Slim in 6. It was not that I needed convincing so much as I needed to hear the encouraging stories and words. Even today when the infomercial is on, I will watch it in hopes of hearing the inspiring stories. I really watch it to catch Kimmah, because it was her words that gave me the actual push to order this program.

It was late at night and I was half asleep. My glasses were off and tucked under my pillow. From out of the darkness I heard Kimmah say, "If you want to be happy, Push Play. If you want a better life, Push Play. If you want to feel better about yourself, Push Play." I sat up in bed and put on my glasses. I realized why the infomercial was so compelling to me. I wanted all of those things.

Now I look at my before pictures in shock. The truth is that I took my before and after pictures with the same roll of film, so I had not even developed my before pictures until I had my after ones. I was in total denial about my weight. I was in total denial about my life. Slim in 6 and Beachbody have revolutionized my whole life. When I ordered Slim in 6, everything in my life was bloated and I was pretending that I could not see it. I was eating too much, drinking too much, spending too much, engaging in all sorts of excess to avoid the incredible pain in my life that I just did not want to feel. My physical appearance was a manifestation of how I felt about myself emotionally. While many women struggle with feeling badly about themselves because they are so overweight, in actuality I was so grossly out of shape because I felt so badly about myself.

I am a single mother of four beautiful children. My divorce came as a surprise and led to emotional and financial devastation for me and my children. I was also forced to drop out of medical school as a result. It was impossible to keep myself and my children afloat emotionally and financially while attempting to finish my dream of becoming a physician. And when life as I knew it ended, I was without a foothold. For four years I floundered. I lost my way. I lost many friends. I lost my belief in myself and my ability to play a role in the world. I lost my ability to participate in a relationship as an equal partner. I even lost my belief that I was a great mom. At that point I truly felt that I had reached bottom.

When I ordered Slim in 6, I thought that I was trying to achieve a physical transformation. That was all I could admit to myself and to the very few people who knew what I had begun. But every day that I Pushed Play, I was hoping that Kimmah's words would come true: If I Push Play, I will have a better life. If I Push Play, I will experience joy. If I Push Play, I will be happy. And I am writing to you today, because it is true.

My life has taken some incredible turns over the last 10 weeks. I have healed relationships with several old friends. I have been awarded two lucrative short-term consulting contracts. I am in the next round of interviews for a secure, well-paying job. I have begun the process of researching Ph.D. programs, and I have a strong and supportive mentor by my side. I am moving my children back to the neighborhood that we have always loved. It is close to their school, close to their friends, and close to a park. I have a wonderful community of new friends that I've met through, and I am getting the most wonderful body. I continue to do Slim in 6. I'm in week 2 of my second round. I continue to get smaller (I don't own a scale), but my clothes are literally falling off my body. Just like those women in the infomercial!

I need a separate paragraph to talk about what a powerful tool has been in my life. First of all, I absolutely could not have achieved any of the wonderful changes in my life without my group of girls, Bethiej, KarissaEB, CJ, JJ1489, Polgara, Pisces Guri, and Xena. They are my rock. Every day they told me I was worth it. It was their mantra to me, and mine to them. My thread, "lonely out here…" became so poorly named, because their daily love, encouragement, and words of praise made me feel so welcomed and surrounded. At any moment there was love, at any moment there were words of wisdom, at any moment there was a friend to share the struggle and the success. And no one celebrated my success more than these girls. Each day my life is filled with their successes, and as I smile while out for a run or outlasting Debbie on leg lifts, I think about their joy. The Message Boards also became a place for me to rediscover my voice. I learned to believe that I had something to offer and share. People came to me with questions and concerns and I rediscovered that I had something to offer, something to give. I started to write again.

The fitness and nutrition advisors were tireless. They kept their advice coming, question after question. I never felt like I was out there alone. In mere hours or even moments there would be an answer to my most mundane query or most intricate vegan question. They turned me on to flaxseed, raw nuts and raw veggies, and eating to fuel my body. They walked me through proper form, through fear, and through funky days and nights. They responded when tired or busy or enthusiastic or happy, but they always responded. I wish I could thank each and every one of them personally. Their presence helped me change my life, not just my eating and exercise habits, but my whole life.

Slim in 6 does amazing things for one's body. It is remarkable for this alone. But you must hear and you must know that you have not only changed my life for the better, but you have changed my four children's lives for the better. What a gift and how grateful I am to be able to receive them in joy, instead of sadness and numbness. It is as if, for each muscle that began to ache, an emotion inside of me came alive once again.

I want to shout to the world how grateful I am. I want to look Debbie right in the eye and express my gratitude for how profoundly she has improved the quality of my life. If I do not have the opportunity to do so in person, please promise me that you will share this story with her. I believe that there is nothing more powerful in this world than reaching out and improving the lives of children. Please let her know that day after day, through her strength and support and kindness on my VCR, she did just that. My children's lives will always be better and will never be the same because of her presence in my life.

Everything that was said, everything that was promised, and especially Kimmah's words, came true. I am happy. I am joyful. I have a better life. And I am slender.

Allessandra C.

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