2004 Hawaii Trip


I had just celebrated my 60th birthday and didn't seem to ever have any energy. Television and eating were my favorite sports. I couldn't understand why even though I was 5'8", my 203 pounds made me look a lot like a gray-haired Shamu out of water.

My wardrobe consisted of Large and Extra Large sizes of everything. My pants' 37-inch waist fit tightly under my protruding belly. Over 30+ years, I had created a body that never was exposed to public view, and that was carefully ignored in the mirror after a shower. Just tying my shoes was a breath-shortening challenge.

For some reason, all the warnings from my doctor, family, and friends finally started a little bell ringing in my head. Perhaps if I did lose a little weight, I would have more energy and feel a whole lot better! So, late in July, I began to eat differently. I really cut down on calories and carbohydrates. It sort of worked—I started to slowly lose a few pounds. But then the phrase "diet and exercise" popped into my chubby head.

There was no way I would put my body on public display in a gym, so I decided to submerge it underwater in an Aquafitness class at my local YMCA. Forty-five minutes a day, three days a week began to provide accelerated weight loss results. I lost 20 pounds.

Then came the notorious holidays season. Thanksgiving and Christmas brought more food and less activity. Eight pounds came back and showed up on a particularly unflattering New Year's Eve photo. I made my New Year's resolution to get serious about looking and feeling better.

As fate would have it, I saw the Power 90 commercial on TV, and decided to alternate it with my Aquafitness classes six days of the week and take Sunday off. The best thing was that I could do it in the privacy of my own home at my own pace.

I started in early February and the results were amazing! The weight began to drop off to a point where, for the first time, I decided to take a land class in place of the Aquafitness. I started a beginning step aerobics class in combination with Power 90, and the pounds began to melt away. Through Power 90, my muscles not only began to firm up, but also started to show! By the end of April, I was down to 158 pounds and had a wardrobe of very baggy clothes.

As my 61st birthday approached at the end of June, I lost five more pounds, and by the big day, I once again weighed what I had in high school: 153 pounds. My birthday reward was an entirely new wardrobe!

My 40th high school reunion in August was really fun. Old classmates marveled at the way my years of weight gain had disappeared and the "old" me of the '60s had returned. It really felt good!

Many of the people with whom I shared my story also decided to make diet and exercise changes in order to regain a better state of fitness. I always recommend Power 90 as a good place to start.

Tracy K.

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