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Dear Beachbody,

I am writing to thank you and Tony Horton for creating an awesome product in the Power 90 fitness program. I have had such fantastic success exceeding my goals and ensuring a lifetime of fitness that I feel compelled to share it with you.

I have never been in shape in my entire life. Sure, there were times when I weighed less, but I never was truly in shape or toned. I was the skinny kid in elementary school who morphed into the flabby kid in junior high. As I got older my poor eating habits, couch potato existence, and stressful job all led to even more weight gain. By the age of 40, I had ballooned to 245 pounds. Even bending over to tie my shoes was a strain.

Forty was a milestone year for me. I was happily married and had a beautiful 3-year-old daughter. But the fact that my mother had died at the age of 40 spooked me. And that she died while trying to lose weight made it even worse. I was obese and feeling vulnerable to what fate might have in store for me. Yet, I was paralyzed by the fear of possibly following in my mother's footsteps. The thought of not being there for my family truly scared me. I needed to do something.

I knew all too well the dangers of unhealthy dieting. I did not want to repeat my mother's mistakes. I knew from past experience that most of the fitness machines sold on TV would soon become obsolete and end up as expensive clothes hangers. (Yes, Tony, I have one of those NordicTracks!) I also had a membership at a very nice athletic club. But even this club did not offer the structure and motivational tools I needed to reach my goals. Moreover, a club full of fit people is the last place I wanted to be at my weight. I needed a simple but real solution for both my diet and exercise.

One night in November of 2003 I saw the Power 90 infomercial. It really struck me as being different from the other products I had seen. Instead of saying it was easy, it said it was a boot camp! Right away, that got my attention. Then the testimonials came one after another, including those of the company founders. All infomercials are convincing in one form or another. This one felt honest and real, though. It was not just a gimmick. I was hooked and ordered the program.

When Power 90 arrived, I began immediately. The first few days were difficult—I felt so uncoordinated. I could easily have quit. Fortunately, I quickly found the Message Boards on the Beachbody Web site. Participating in such a personal forum was intimidating at first. But having all my cyber-buddies encourage me, and finding they were having the same struggles, really kept my motivation high. I soon felt that I did not want to let them down, and that made me even more committed to the program. That, combined with the excellent videos and the support of the Fitness Advisors, allowed me to reach 90-day goals that I never would have thought were attainable.

Within 30 days people were already starting to notice a big change in my appearance. Just about anyone who would sit still long enough would get an earful of the wonders of Power 90.

Most importantly, in those 90 days, I began to really live again. I was back in control, knowing I would be there for my family. My fears were replaced with pride and confidence. Also, I lost 22 pounds, including six inches off my belly, three inches off my waist, three inches off my hips, and three inches off my chest. My body fat had dropped 7 percentage points, and I did not lose any lean muscle mass. In fact, I had gained a pound! Everyone was commenting on how great I looked, and my wife was convinced that I looked at least five years younger.

I have continued with Beachbody since finishing my initial 90 days. I have now lost over 55 pounds and am simply amazed at the things I can do. I am a new person! I recently participated in a Tony Horton fitness camp with 30 other "beach bodies." I rock climbed, went kayaking, and even climbed those ropes on Santa Monica Beach that they show in the Power 90 infomercial. In February I went skiing for the first time in at least 10 years. Oh yeah—I am enjoying the beach, too. I am truly stunned by what I can do. Thank you Beachbody, thank you Tony Horton, and thank you to all the Beachbody community members who motivated and encouraged me.


Peter T.

Results achieved with continued use of Power 90 beyond 90 days.

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