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I'm glad you requested an update to my story—it's one I never tire of telling! I'm so thankful that I ordered the videos and Kept Pushing Play. I never want to go back to the person I was before. Thanks for developing a program I could "grow" with. It was great to start out slowly and steadily increase what I could do. Other programs are so complicated that they make overweight people feel hopeless, and walking into a gym where most people are already in great shape can be humiliating. Purchasing your program was the best weight loss decision I've ever made. It never made me feel inadequate or inept—and that's one main reason why it worked, in my opinion.

I've been a yo-yo dieter all my adult life. I really have to watch what I eat, and I must exercise. My metabolism must be the slowest in history! My weight increased steadily over the last four years; my heaviest weight was 283 pounds on a 5'10" frame. Not a pretty sight. During the time my weight was at an all-time high, I experienced all kinds of difficulties. I started having panic attacks, respiratory problems, and apnea. My feet were always hurting, my ankles swollen from carrying around all that extra weight. I had acid reflux, and considered having this terrible surgery to correct it because I was popping so much Nexium and not getting any relief. I also experienced back pain. Oh, I forgot to mention—my cardiologist said I was a walking time bomb. I could suffer a heart attack and die tomorrow, next week, or next year. No telling exactly when, but it would happen.

My emotional state wasn't any better. I was labeled "obese" by my cardiologist and internist. I was embarrassed to be around friends and family. I avoided reunions, football games, or any situation where there was a possibility of running into an acquaintance who might notice my weight. When I did see someone, I was too embarrassed and uneasy to enjoy their company. I was extremely depressed about my weight and unhappy with my looks. I didn't even want to take pictures or be in a family portrait.

It affected my kids, too. They never remembered their dad being anything but fat, and one of their friends at school asked, "Is your dad still fat?" That really hurt. It seemed like everything and everyone I loved was affected by my weight.

Today, that kid at my son's school no longer makes snide remarks. I'm able to wear my boys out playing football. This summer, I not only swam for a good hour against a hard current, but helped to bring my mother-in-law back to the boat after she was exhausted and out of breath. I'm afraid she would have drowned if this scenario happened a year before...I would have been lucky to save even myself. I now enjoy bike riding with my kids, running, fishing, and all the other activities you do with eight-year-old twin boys. They are so proud of me, and make sure I'm working out and eating right. I can tell that they prefer this active, fit, and healthy dad over the unhealthy couch potato I used to be.

I no longer experience panic attacks, respiratory problems, or problems sleeping. My feet no longer hurt or are swollen, and my acid reflux is 90 percent better. I now take only a few pills a month. The only problem I still have is back pain. Not bad, considering the state I was in only a year ago. I also received a letter that I'll always treasure from my cardiologist, saying I was one in a million. A year ago, I flunked the physical. My blood tests weren't great, either. And I had high cholesterol. One year later, because of your program, my physical, blood test, and cholesterol level all came out great!

I continue to work out every morning at 5:30 a.m. People often ask me how I lost so much weight, and I always credit your program. Friends now comment that they're proud I'm keeping the weight off. I think they believed I would go back to yo-yo dieting. My wife and coworkers are amazed at how much younger I look. Every time I lost another five pounds, everyone would say, "You look another year younger!"

Losing weight changed every facet of my life, from increasing my comfort level around family and friends to boosting my self-confidence and improving my health.

We all have a choice. Pushing Play has given me back the confidence and peace that most of us long for. I'll never be able to thank you for all you've done to change my life. I'll be forever grateful!


Mike E.

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