Georgianna R.

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2004 Hawaii Trip


My name is Georgianna and I'm 35 years old. I've been married nine years, and I have two children: a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old. I was overweight even before my first pregnancy, and afterward, I hovered at 20-35 pounds over my ideal weight. Periodically, I would lose some weight, but I always felt tired. I wasn't consistent enough to get toned, and without a set program, I lost enthusiasm and the weight came roaring back. My cholesterol was high from eating so much junk food, and even my dad's death from a heart attack at age 57 didn't inspire me to change my damaging ways.

When yet another summer rolled around, I found myself dreading the morning ordeal of looking for an outfit in which to hide myself. My clothes were always frumpy, and I felt old, tired, and unattractive. My turning point came while editing digital photos from a family barbecue. I deleted all the ones where I "looked" fat—and then realized that I'd deleted myself out of the whole event. Looking back, I saw I was in very few pictures over the last few years. My kids are going to look at these pictures and think, "Where was Mom?" It was then that I decided to take responsibility for the state of my body, and to be a role model for my kids. I want my children to see their mom enjoying her life with them, participating in activities, and being excited about each day.

I watched the infomercial and saw the results. A woman of about 60 had her life transformed by taking on this challenge. She inspired me. I knew I could do Power 90 too. I saw Power 90 as an easy, straightforward recipe for fitness—with an end date. I said to myself, "Just give it the 90 days. If you hate it, you can stop after that." I now have two weeks to go, and I'm already looking way past that end date. I am focusing on the rest of my life, looking forward to feeling as healthy, strong, trim, and energetic as I do today.

I believe Power 90 worked for me because it made me feel stronger almost immediately after I started the program. In just two weeks I saw my shoulder muscles sculpting, and I was hooked. I knew more sculpting was attainable, and that drove me forward, even on my least motivated days. Now I see muscle definition all over my body, and just yesterday, my obliques made their first appearance. I'm so thrilled! I've lost 30 pounds and gone from size 14 to size 6 because I fed my body healthy food and worked my heart and muscles so effectively with Power 90. It has changed the way I look at nutrition. I realize now that food is an ally.

I used to glance at my reflection everywhere when I was out during the day, to make sure my clothes were adjusted right to hide my body. Since starting Power 90, I'm not compulsive about doing that anymore. I know I'm fit and healthy and I look trim no matter what I'm wearing. It's greatly liberating for me. I have started a new business; I wear stylish clothes; I'm teaching my kids healthy behavior, and I have the confidence to never be "deleted" from my family and life again! Thank you Tony!


Georgianna R.

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