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August 2004


This Success Story is long overdue. Where do I do I even start??

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Well, I took that first step the day I saw the Power 90 infomercial and went to the Beachbody Web site to place my order.

I have been overweight my entire life, but since I was an athlete through age 20, my weight was manageable. During that time I also suffered from an eating disorder. When I recovered from the eating disorder and stopped playing sports, the weight started to creep on. I was wearing a size 16 in no time, but at age 23 I took off 40 or 50 pounds and kept it off for three years and through one pregnancy.

When I met and married my husband, I weighed 150 to 155 and wore a size 10 or 12. With my second pregnancy I gained over 70 pounds, and the yo-yo madness began from there. My husband has been a size 32/32 his entire life, and can eat whatever he wants without gaining weight. He is a junk-food addict and has to have an abundant variety of junk in the house at all times: cookies, candies, cakes, ice cream, chips . . . you name it. I was an emotional eater living in "the House of Constant Temptation. " Not a good combination.

Before I knew it, I had yo-yoed my way to 232 pounds, and I am only 5' 2" tall. I wore a size 20. I'd look in the mirror and the reflection just did not match the image I had in my head. What happened?? I was morbidly obese! I had no energy. I was depressed. I got winded just from climbing one flight of stairs. I could not even tie my shoes from any position without feeling like I was going to throw up (because my circulation was cut off).

My daughter had just turned 11, and she too was struggling with living in the HOCT. I saw how helpless she felt about the extra pounds she carried and how bad it made her feel about herself at times. What could I tell her? I was one hundred pounds overweight! I needed to make some changes, not only for my own physical and mental health, but to be a better role model for my beautiful daughter. I needed to show her that we are not helpless. We are overweight because of the bad lifestyle choices we make, and if we make better choices each day, we can lose and maintain a healthy weight.

So I began eating better and walking on my treadmill, which has a 13-inch TV mounted above it. One fateful day, I was walking and flipping channels, and I landed on the Power 90 infomercial. I liked it because, although it had some of the classic infomercial traits, it was not trying to sell me a magic pill, just a healthy lifestyle. I went online and placed my order. I downloaded the Step-by-Step Nutrition Guide and started changing my habits right away. By the time my DVDs arrived and I took my day 1 pictures, I had already lost 14 pounds.

I started Power 90 in May 2003 and I joined the Message Boards right away. I decided from day 1 that I would not diet, because dieting is what made me fat. I focused on changing my eating habits instead. I ate five small meals/snacks a day, and ate mostly from the top three tiers of Michi's Ladder. I loved the P90 workouts, and I could not believe how strong I was getting, or how quickly.

At the day 30 mark, a fellow P90'er encouraged me to start my own picture thread. Despite the great results I was seeing, around day 45, I felt myself fizzling out. So I joined Brice's (gotresults) coaching thread, and got the kick in the butt I needed. By day 60, my son Zack was calling me "Super-Mom" and inviting the neighborhood kids to feel my biceps (much to the horror of my daughter—ha ha! ). By the end of the 90-day round, I had lost 30 more pounds for a total of 44 pounds, mega inches, and I was a solid size 14. I was well on my way on the path to fitness.

From there, I developed patience. I have learned that consistency (not perfection) is the key! ! I have been training with other Beachbody programs, such as Slim in 6, Power Half Hour, and Slim Series (P90X is next! ! ). I have now lost 88 pounds, 11 inches in my waist, and I wear a size 6! ! I was never smaller than a size 10 in my entire adult life! It is surreal! ! The changes on the inside are just as dramatic as the ones on the outside. I am healthy, strong, and self-confident. I have energy, self-discipline, and a healthy relationship with food. I even decided to go back to school to earn my MBA.

What a difference a year of being good to yourself can make! Power 90 has been life-altering for me, and for my entire family. The "HOCT" is now the "HOOT" (the House of Occasional Temptation). My husband and son are eating healthier, and it is very evident that my good habits are rubbing off on my daughter. She is making better food choices each day and is much more active. She has dropped a few pounds, and many inches. She can now wear pants and tops that were too small just a few months ago. I feel like I am an excellent role model for her, and that is what I am most proud of.

In April, the universe ushered me up to the door of a very unique opportunity. I had LASIK surgery the week before I started Beachbody, and my eye surgeon watched me shrink as I went to all the follow-up visits. She recommended me as a candidate for a local ABC makeover show called Baltimore's Dramatic Makeover. The plastic surgeon removed more than 10 inches of extra skin off my stomach, and lifted my "girls" back up where they belong. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to finish the job and take care of the extra skin caused by a decade of morbid obesity. I feel comfortable about the surgery because I know that (thanks to Beachbody) my lifestyle has forever changed, and I will never be obese again. The film crew and the doctor went on and on about how I had no fat, just extra skin. I think that is a great testament to Beachbody! I took myself as far as I could go on my own. The plastic surgeon just finished the job that no amount of exercise could have. I can now wear a bikini for the first time in my life, and I am pushing 40 years old.

Needless to say, I am a very happy and eternally grateful customer. Beachbody provided all the tools I needed to create the healthy lifestyle I always wanted for myself, but did not have the motivation or self-discipline to do on my own. This program totally exceeded my expectations, and I blew my original goals out of the water. Besides the quality products, what sets Beachbody apart from any other company in the market is the incredible community of support it has amassed. I have made lifelong friends, and now enjoy helping others on their journey by coaching and testifying about the rewards of patience and consistency.

I hope someday to be able to meet Tony, Debbie, Jon, and Carl in person, to thank them (with BIG hugs) for their part in changing my life. My journey is ongoing, but the dramatic changes are permanent. I plan to be a part of this community for a long time, and to continue down the path to strength, toning, and good health.

Gratefully yours,

Diane D.

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