Christine L.

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2004 Hawaii Trip

August 2004


I have kissed obesity . . . GOODBYE!

I truly believed that I was going to be obese the rest of my life. I am a 34-year-old mom of four girls, ages 11 years through 13 months. My story is a common one. With each pregnancy I gained a lot of weight (25 pounds or more). With my last child, even when I was seven months along, people said, "I can't even tell you are pregnant. "

When my husband and I started our family, my focus was on the kids. I didn't care what I looked like. I never believed I could lose all that weight. So I threw in the towel for 11 years and accepted my size, living with all the limitations that go along with being overweight. My personality changed. I started to become shy and unfriendly with strangers. I stopped making new friends. I didn't join any clubs. I refused to be in family pictures. Imagine 11 years of pictures with beautiful children and no mom in them. I could see the example I was setting for my girls with bad eating habits and no exercise in their lives. I didn't want obesity to be their future.

My husband noticed that he too had become overweight. In a final talk with the doctor who helped me through my last pregnancy, he stated, "You two are too smart to be this big. " Wow! That statement hit us both like a ton of bricks! Nobody had ever questioned our intelligence with regard to our size. We went home feeling depressed and then saw the infomercial for Power 90. The stories were so convincing. They really made us believe that we could do it, that we could get fit and lose weight!

My husband and I started Power 90 in January 2004 and we FINISHED IT in 90 days! I logged on weekly to the Web site for motivation and help with recipes and willpower in my diet. With Power 90 I lost 40 pounds and I gained my SELF back. Now I am outgoing and smiling all the time. I talk with people everywhere about anything. I am no longer shy in front of the camera. My family has an active, upbeat, and "ready and willing to try anything" attitude. My friends have all started the program, and it is great to know that my fitness success is motivating them to lose the inches that are getting in the way of their lives.

Why is this system especially great for me? First, I live in a rural area 40 minutes from a town or a gym. Also, I home-school four young kids, and Power 90 does not require travel time or a babysitter. Second, Power 90 took all the intimidation out of not knowing how to lift weights or how to put together an effective exercise routine. Third (the topper), Power 90 provided a reasonable, easy-to-follow, "real food" diet guide as well as the online support to help me avoid pitfalls and gauge my success. It is an all-in-one, ready-to-go package!

I have more work to do on my Beachbody, so I started Power Half Hour. I stuck to "the Last Hurrah" workout. I have now finished two rounds of that program and lost another 36 pounds. That's 76 pounds in six months! I have lost the baby weight I gained with my pregnancies and I am now a size smaller than I was at 18 years old.

So my Power 90 experience is a fabulous one. I feel and look great, my family are huge Tony fans, my friends are feeling great and losing weight too. I am providing a positive example for my girls, who now also work out regularly with Tony. The program has changed my life in many ways.

My new healthy lifestyle includes good, healthy food, lots of sweat, and play. I feel a little like a puppy with the loose skin. My goal is to lose a total of 100 pounds by October 2004 (only 25 pounds to go! ). In the fitness department, P90X is next—Bring It on!

To all those who took their "before" shots and Pushed Play every day before me, you are my heroes! My Success Story is one not just for me, but for Beachbody. Thank you for developing a program and a support system that works for everyone! No matter how big you are when you start the program, you can do the movements and it works!

The pounds that took 12 years to put on, Beachbody and I took off in six months! Thank you!

"Just showin' up and puttin' in the work" . . . and Crushin' Play every day,

Christine L.

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