2004 Hawaii Trip

July 2004


Dear Beachbody,

I have heard this experience referred to as a "journey" many times, and for me, this is the perfect way to describe what I have been through with the Power 90 program over the last year.

I have always been overweight, always been referred to as "chubby" or "big-boned," told "you have such a pretty face"—which to me, meant "YOU'RE FAT! " After the birth of my third child, my weight ballooned to 210 pounds. At just barely 5' 5" this was overwhelmingly depressing. I spent many years hating myself, and cried many tears at the notion that I was just a fat person and meant to stay that way. I spent about a year losing 50 pounds on my own, and unfortunately found little excitement about the body I was left with.

I began my first round of Power 90 last May, and with that round had such awesome results that I was HOOKED! ! So what to do next? Start another round, of course!

The journey for me truly began when I started this second round in February. I signed up for the Message Boards, and my first step was to post my "before" and "after" pictures from the first round. The feedback I received from this one action propelled me to push my body to do things I never imagined possible.

I found a home here, a place where others just like me were here every day—Pushing Play, motivating, challenging, and congratulating one another. Without these people, my new friends, I might have been satisfied with my first-round results. I would never have learned just how far you can take yourself, or what an inspiration other people's stories can be. I have truly made a transformation, and not just of the body, but of the mind and spirit as well! !

I now understand that no one should feel they are meant to be fat, and no one should have that helpless feeling I had for so many years. You can do amazing things! ! !

I have to send a special thank-you to Em ("FAM5") for being so generous, thoughtful, and kind. To Christie ("4gr8kids") for constantly challenging me, for setting such a great example for us to follow, and for being the kind of person I want to emulate. To Suz ("bkail") and to Michele ("sheld") for being such a great source of support, love, humor, and friendship. To Laura ("samiam1972") and Kim K. ("kimking2"), who make the Boards worth coming to every day! ! I look forward to starting a new "journey" with the X and all these wonderful ladies soon! !

Thank you, Beachbody and Tony, for creating such a FAIL-SAFE, BUTT-KICKING program! !

Beth L.

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