Sean Pashley

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Sean Pashley

Sean Pashley

Sean's Not-So-Average Update

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Sean and Tony

Tony Horton and Sean in Warrior Pose.

From Reality TV to Reality Fitness

Whether you know him from reality TV or have seen him on the Beachbody Web site, Sean Pashley has quickly made a name for himself in the world of weight loss and fitness. After being booted by a beauty queen on national television, this 320-pound, fun-loving guy made a dedicated effort to start losing weight and take control of his life. And while his determination led to significant weight loss, he still needed some additional help to reach his goal weight of 200 pounds.

It wasn't until Sean teamed up with Beachbody and performed the Power 90® in-home training system that he was able to break through his weight loss plateau and continue to drop the pounds—drawing closer to his goal with each new day. Now he's building on his remarkable success with the P90X® Extreme Home Fitness™ program.

Follow Sean's Progress

To see how far Sean has come, you can check him out in the Summer 2004 issue of Your Diet magazine (from the publishers of People). There you'll find a physically transformed 26-year-old, beaming from the amazing results he's been able to achieve. Click here to read the article. You can also see Sean's latest progress right here on

Let's Support Sean

As Beachbody fans know, our Message Boards are a key to success. We invite you to follow along "reality fitness" style, via our Message Boards and the links below, as Sean takes on P90X. Sean asks that you write to him and even work out with him live via our WOWY™ (Work Out With You) program so you can meet your fitness and lifestyle objectives together.

Here's how to follow along and even work out with Sean:

  • Find out more about the Power 90 program and see hundreds of Success Stories. Click here.
  • Are you ready to commit—and if so, would you like to work out with Sean? Meet Sean daily in Beachbody's virtual gym,, and track your progress together!
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