June 2004


I discovered Power 90 on my 38th birthday. I was obese, out of control, and in denial about my unhealthy lifestyle. I was eating everything in sight—Captain Crunch and Famous Amos Cookies were two of my best friends. My exercise consisted of running to the fridge every 30 minutes for more food. I wanted more, more, and more food. I would be full and I would just keep eating. I could not stop myself, and I couldn't figure out why. Simple household chores had become major fitness tasks.

Now as my 39th birthday is approaching, and I am in the absolute best physical condition of my life. I owe Beachbody, Power 90, and Tony Horton the world. I am a changed person inside and out. I have an entirely new perspective on life. I am confident. I am motivated. I am energized. Best of all, I now love life to the fullest!

While channel surfing one day last March, I caught five minutes of a weight loss infomercial for Power 90. All I remembered was the name, Power 90. I had no idea what it was about, or even how much it cost. A few days later, on my 38th birthday, I was browsing the Web and remembered the words Power 90. I quickly found the Beachbody site and began sifting through pages and pages of inspiring Beachbody member profiles. I was mesmerized.

I had never purchased any type of workout program. I had never followed along with a tape, nor had I ever participated in an aerobics class. I was an NCAA division 1 women's basketball coach and had designed multiple workout routines over the past four years for my teams. I had been lifting weights and working out on my own off and on for over 20 years. I thought I knew what I was doing and I didn't need Power 90 (boy, was I wrong). Yet I was completely drawn in. I couldn't help myself.

I was sold by the fact that Power 90 tells you right up front that it is not a quick fix. I have always scoffed at the miracle cure programs and equipment sellers that claim if you use their system for 10 minutes a day, three days per week, you will look like this incredible model. Power 90 was just the opposite. Power 90 claimed to be hard work. Power 90 claimed to take dedication. Power 90 claimed to take willpower. Power 90 promised to work my butt off! Power 90 promised Beachbody definition, not bodybuilder mass or "skinny Minnie" results. This was exactly what I wanted my body to look like. So in spite of all my preconceived notions, I took the leap and purchased the program during that visit to the Web site.

My plan was to receive the program right before I went on vacation at the end of March and to begin it immediately upon return. This would allow me to have the perfect body just in time for my family's summer vacation. But Power 90 arrived in about 4 days instead of the advertised 7–10 days. I was actually mad that it had arrived so soon. I knew it wouldn't make sense to begin the program before going on vacation, so I tossed the box in a corner. Every week thereafter I told myself I was going to begin "next week. " In late October after my new size 40 pants barely fastened, I finally opened the box.

I read through some of the literature and watched the 1-2 tapes. On November 1, I began eating from tiers 1 and 2 of Michi's Ladder. After losing 4. 5 pounds in six days, I finally Pressed Play on November 7. I think I also pressed Pause four or five times! And day 2 was worse. But it got better from there. On day 19 I moved to the 3-4 tapes and never looked back. I made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas without eating one treat, and I Pressed Play every day.

I had set a goal to lose 41 pounds over the 90 days, which would get me from 217 to 176 lbs. I felt that this was a stretch, but it just might be possible if I really worked hard and ate right. Day 60 arrived on January 6 and I weighed 177 pounds, just one pound away from my 90-day goal.

When day 90 arrived on February 5 I weighed 164 pounds, for a Power 90 weight loss of 53 pounds and a total weight loss of 57. 5 pounds since November 1, all attributed to Beachbody. My body fat percentage dropped from 34% to 18. 76%. I lost 9. 75 inches from my waistline, 7 inches from my hips, and 5. 5 inches from my chest, for a total of 22. 5 inches from these areas alone.

Power 90 ROCKS. Tony Horton ROCKS. The entire Beachbody community ROCKS. Power 90 is simply, hands down, the most complete workout program I have ever witnessed. And it takes less than an hour per day. I am simply amazed at how the two workouts complement one another. The program is perfectly designed. It is absolutely incredible. I do not know how else to describe it.

The supplements are amazing as well. I forgot to take the Performance Formula twice during the 90 days. I paid the price both times. Believe me, I never allowed that to happen again! The creatine in the Strength & Muscle Men's Formula definitely assisted my muscle definition. I also used ActiVit Fat Burning Multi-Vitamins, P90X protein bars, and Great Stretch Guaranteed! .

The Web site is astonishing and a blessing in disguise. I never thought I could receive so much inspiration from a message board or chat room filled with complete strangers. I now feel like I know some of my fellow Beachbody team members as well as I know some of my longtime friends. Beachbody is the complete package.

At first I was a little shy to admit to family, friends, or colleagues that I had purchased a product from an infomercial. But now I tell anyone who will listen. Not a day goes by that I do not get wrapped up in a fitness conversation with someone wanting to know how I lost so much weight. I am more than happy to discuss every detail with them and I am more than happy to show them my Web page and my message board thread.

I have already started a second round of Power 90. I set some Spring Break vacation goals back in November, and I am really close to meeting all of them. My goals were to wear size 34 pants, have a 6-pack of abs, reduce my body fat to 15% or less, and to develop chest, arm, and leg definition by April 1.

A few weeks ago I wore size 34 pants for the first time since the summer of 1996. Yes, I still have the same pants I wore back then. I knew that someday I would return to myself. I just didn't know that Beachbody would lead the way. I now have a 2-pack of abs. My body fat is down to 18% and I am seeing very nice definition everywhere, especially in my chest, biceps, triceps, thighs, and calves. With seven weeks to go and Power 90 showing me the way, I know I will succeed in meeting these goals. After round 2, I plan to take on the X. And I am looking forward to it!

In closing, I would like to thank everyone at Beachbody. You are employed at a wonderful company providing amazing products that allow people to take control of their lives. Thank you, Tony Horton, for developing the best fitness program ever designed. Thank you, Jon and Carl, for making available to all of us the best fitness program in the business. I do not want to name names, as I am afraid I will forget someone, but thank you to all of the November newbies who helped me get through the difficult days with your inspiring messages. Thank you to all the other team members and coaches who shared inspirational and informational messages on the boards.

All of you magnificent people helped motivate me to CRUSH PLAY and eat right every single minute of every single day. I plan to do the same FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!

Kurt P. , "DaqAttaq"

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