Jennifer M.

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July 2004


My story of how I began the Slim in 6 program that gave me back my life!

As long as I can remember, people have always identified me as the nice girl who's a little chubby, or who's "healthy," or who needs to lose a few pounds. I have struggled with my weight all my life, and my body image and self-esteem have always been low. My normal body weight for the past eight years has been around 160 pounds and my height is 5' 8". I have weighed 20 pounds more than I should for several years, but I love and enjoy food! Others have always said that I'm beautiful inside and out, but my self-worth has been so low that those compliments seemed unbelievable and insincere to me.

Throughout my weight struggles, my friends have heard me criticize my weight and bemoan my body. They've never known how much I really hurt, because year after year, I would say the words but I never put forth the effort to change my situation. When those who love you most make jokes about your body and weight, it is a quick jab to the heart. When people you love and respect validate how badly you feel about yourself, it is devastating!

I believe that all people are beautiful, yet I'm never satisfied with my own body. I eat for enjoyment, depression, boredom, celebration, and any other excuse. I've endured years of hurt and embarrassment over my weight, and I've idolized those wafer-thin girls on magazine covers. I know that the average woman doesn't look like Calista Flockhart or Lara Flynn Boyle, but I want to!

In January 2004, my life was forever changed when my parents divorced after 36 years of marriage. My world came to a complete halt in an instant! It was as if I was in a dream state and couldn't wake up. I fell into a deep depression, compounded by the shock of having my father move in with me, my husband, and our 4-year-old son. I never imagined I would find myself the caretaker of a parent and the family peacekeeper so suddenly. I was helping my father deal with his emotions, teaching him how to care for himself, and assisting him with everyday life skills like balancing a checkbook, cooking, and washing clothes. My mom also needed me at her side to grieve with her and keep her strong.

As all the emotions crept in, I became overwhelmed with my job, being a wife, mom, cook, counselor, carpooler, and friend. I had no time to deal with my emotional needs. I wasn't taking care of myself. One day I didn't eat, the next I couldn't stop eating. I was on the go from daylight to dark, trying to make everyone's life easier. My life began to fall apart. Each week I was putting on pounds that I couldn't explain. All of my clothes weren't fitting. After about four months of this crazy life I was living, I began staying at home on weekends. I didn't want to go anywhere or talk with anyone, I just wanted to shut down and cry. My sleep patterns were nothing short of crazy and my emotions and hormones were raging out of control.

I thought I was losing my mind when I got on the scale and to my disbelief, the number 185. 2 flashed in dark red. I cried for two hours. How could I have gotten to this point in my life and not realized it! I finally gave in to my husband and my friends at work who convinced me to see a doctor. I was prescribed anti-depressants to help with my current situation and get me back to life. Within 48 hours of taking this medicine I finally felt like getting out of bed.

A few days later while watching television, I found the motivator I had been searching for when I heard Debbie Siebers explaining the Slim in 6 program in the infomercial. After listening to Debbie and being uplifted by the testimonials, I ordered Slim in 6. I could hardly wait the 10 days it took for the program to arrive!

As I began the first week, I was so enthusiastic that I pushed my body beyond its limits the first day and then I couldn't move for four days. From then on I took Debbie's advice, and the next week I began at a slower pace. After the first two weeks at a pace that was comfortable to me, I decided to check my measurements just to see what kind of results I was getting. I could hardly believe my eyes! I had lost two inches off each arm and two inches off each leg. My spirits and my body were feeling so much better that I no longer needed the anti-depressants. I was high on life! Exercise gave me a feeling of control, and my energy level was infinite.

At the end of April, my father found a new home and my daily routine and home life became more settled. Each day I grew physically and mentally stronger. I had ignored my body, but it was showing me signs that it was getting the help it needed. By the third week, the difference was evident in the clothing I was wearing. There was no need for the spandex and baggy clothes. The too-tight slacks were buttoning, and the blouses were clinging in the right places!

My target weight is within range now because Slim in 6 has given me the power to take charge of my life and start living again. I have won! My friends all over the world have heard of the amazing difference Debbie Siebers has made in my life. Since my results were so amazing I've inspired many friends to purchase the program, and we have our own Slim in 6 network. I used to be the queen of quick-fix diets, but now I have found the true, real thing!

My advice to those people like me who are trying to overcome personal obstacles is to take time for you and to stay active and healthy. If you're not the best you can be, everyone suffers. Ask a friend to partner with you. My 4-year-old son motivates me and even does the videos with me daily! If I can instill the value of fitness and healthy eating in him, then I can help ensure that his life will be better.

Life is what you make it. Debbie Siebers and Slim in 6 showed me how to get there and provided the necessary tools to succeed. Now, I run with it!

Sincerely Slim,

Jennifer M.

P. S. Kentucky has the third largest obesity rate in the United States, with the number of obese children doubling and obese adolescents tripling. How alarming! I have been an educator all my life. I was a kindergarten teacher and the principal of a private school for seven years. I currently recruit and locate teachers for Kentucky's classrooms. My true calling is working with children. Now, upon completion of this 6-week challenge, I want to be an advocate for our young children. I want to change the way our children eat, exercise, and overcome obstacles so they may become productive, healthy, and active adults.

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