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October 2004



Dear Beachbody,

To all the individuals who contributed to making Power 90, and most of all Tony Horton, I cannot thank you enough! I started this program together with my wife at the lowest point in our lives, and it helped improve our lives in an enormous way! Here is our story:

A year ago my father passed away unexpectedly, leaving us completely devastated. I had recently finished graduate school and we had just moved into our first home. Our daily commute went from a five-minute bike ride to over an hour each way. Ty, our son of 18 months, who had been with his mom and dad since birth, was forced to start daycare full time and was terribly unhappy with us for abandoning him. And to top it off, Ty was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (which, after months of treatment, now seems to be a misdiagnosis).

Our lives were turned upside down due to these events occurring all at once. Lori and I were both miserable and depressed, and exercise and healthy eating habits seemed a lifetime ago. My good friends started to wonder if I would ever return to the person they remembered. I just did not care anymore! The man who was once full of life was gone, and only a shell was left—nothing seemed to matter anymore. I knew that "every sunrise was another chance to turn it all around. " But how?

Then I saw an infomercial for Slim in 6. I watched in awe at the transformations these individuals were able to achieve. My mind kept wondering if I could do the same. I went to the Beachbody Web site and eventually ordered Power 90 instead. Lori and I remained highly skeptical, but decided we had to try Power 90 since it had a money-back guarantee. We had no alternatives left; it was impossible to work out at the gym with our work schedules, and our diet had reached an all-time low. The incredible Mexican food place that had opened right down the street from us didn't help, either—it was much too convenient. This would be the turning point in our lives.

When Power 90 arrived, we tossed out all the junk food in the house and really Brought It—as Beachbodyers say. I had reached 215 pounds, the heaviest I had ever been, and I was planning to be in a wedding in three weeks. Lori had developed a "pot belly" after Ty was born, and she was determined to finally lose it! With that motivation, we put everything into Power 90. I remember not being able to walk upright after the first two Sweat 1-2 sessions. This initial soreness passed, and together we worked the program in a highly synergistic manner. Our diet was extremely strict, as we were both on the program. The results came early for both of us, and that fueled us more! We were skeptics no longer!

I posted my day 30 pics in our gallery, and was surprised to see all the positive comments from these people I did not know! Shortly thereafter, I began using the main Beachbody chatroom and was immediately hooked. The people there were very supportive and incredible, to say the least. Then I started the "Maniac" thread and it grew like a weed. It was designed to be a place for motivation and support, and it definitely accomplished these goals and much more. The individuals on the Maniac thread pushed me and Lori to work much harder and to post our diets to keep us accountable for our daily eating. Additionally, the friendship we gained through this thread was invaluable, and I even spent my birthday with two Maniacs on the shores of Coronado: CAgirl and Ward5000!

As of day 90, Lori and I have found our happiness again! Power 90 not only transformed our bodies, it transformed our minds! It was exactly what we had hoped for from the beginning. And it is all due to Beachbody and Tony Horton for whipping our butts into shape! We cannot thank you enough! And a special thank you to Southern Man, Stevelaz, CAgirl, JeWel, Ward5000, md_briggs, stephanielynn, HoneyJ, JayinCO, Terrence, leticiaGCM, Smylee, 1ShelluvaGuy, HiTekHick, Hannah aka RNIMOMMY, Tomora, DanielOO, Mary Cecy, Debby1, Karissa, and all the rest of the MANIACS! You all did more for us than you will ever realize!

And to anyone who has reservations about Power 90, we can assure you that this is an incredible program that anyone can use!

Now bring on the X!

Eric and Lori M.

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