November 2004


Dear Beachbody,

This letter is long overdue. It is actually a huge "thank you." My name is Diva and I am writing to let you know just how grateful and thankful I am. My husband and I came across the Power 90 show while visiting relatives over Thanksgiving 2003. A month earlier, I had started using my ($1,700) stair climber daily for 30 minutes at a time, but with no change of food intake I was not seeing any results. So we watched the show closely and waited for the catch.

We saw people just like us working the program and eating right. The testimonials were real tearjerkers and the results were outstanding! Tony explained the workouts and talked about using our bodies the way God intended (actually getting off our butts and working out). When the show was over, my husband looked at me and said, "Wow, that looks doable. Do you want to get it?" I said yes. I was already putting in 30 minutes a day on my own, and that was getting me nowhere fast. Not to mention the cost of Power 90 was insignificant compared to the stair climber. So why not give this a shot?

It turns out there was one catch: effort! Good old-fashioned sweat and watching what goes in (calories). Those things take effort, but anything worth doing—especially this—is worth doing well! So we made the phone call.

Being that it was the holidays, we knew we had some time before the program would arrive. So in the meantime we ate holiday goodies and waited and ate Christmas Eve dinner and waited and ate leftovers galore and waited. I put in less and less time on my stair climber. Finally the package arrived in early January. Brook opened it and started to browse through the literature. He must be the only guy I know who has to read all the instructions before he starts a new project. After a week I was chomping at the bit. I told him I was going to start the next Monday, and he could join me if he wanted to. I had no idea about the 2-Day Fast Formula starter or much of anything else. I just read about Michi's Ladder and the calorie deficit and did the math (I like math). It was fun to figure out how much of a pound I would lose in a day...or a week...or a month.

I should preface the weight loss story with a little background information. I was a chubby pre-teen. My family moved out of state when I was 13 years old. I became mad, lonely, depressed, and determined not to be a chubby teenager. We were in our new location for only a few months before returning home, but in that time all I did was work out. I did sit-ups, leg lifts, waist exercises, very basic routines. I saw what a difference that kind of physical effort could make in a very short time.

I slimmed down and maintained a healthy weight for many years. I played high school basketball and stayed fairly active. I remember my low weight in high school being 122 pounds at 5' 7". A couple of years out of high school and I noticed that I had put on a few pounds (okay...almost 20 pounds). So I went back to working out at home. I would do an evening workout of sit-ups and leg lifts and such. My body's response to my efforts was not as quick as I would have liked this time around. Then I met Brook, my husband, and things got comfortable.

Brook was pretty active. He was a mechanic at the time, so he was somewhat physically active in his day-to-day routine. I was in school and working as a bank teller. As a couple we were pretty sedentary. We got married and decided to start a family. I wanted four kids. He wanted seven. Yes, seven!! I agreed to five. Over the next eight years, we had five kids. Three kids in two and a half years, a four-year break, and then two more. Luckily I only gained about 30 pounds with each pregnancy. Unluckily though, the weight crept up on me.

I always knew I would revisit my slender side when I was done having kids, I just had no idea the damage I would do in the process. In late 2003 I stepped on the scale and thought, now is the time! I was a whopping 205 pounds. I had gained 60 pounds since my first date with Brook and was about 80 pounds heavier than my low weight in high school. That sounds like a lot, and it is, but it came on so slow! About 5 pounds a year for 14 years. I did not realize what kind of denial I was in about the way I looked until I was into my second round of Power 90 (but I'm getting ahead of myself).

I started Power 90 in January 2003. I weighed and measured and took my day 1 photos. I began to journal my food intake and to count calories. I referred to Michi's Ladder a lot and stayed in the top two tiers as much as possible. My goal was to get as close to 150 pounds as I could. That would be a loss of 55 pounds, and I figured it would take more than one round to achieve this goal.

In the first month I lost 15 pounds, way better results than I had gotten on my own with the stair climber!! Did I mention that that thing had cost us $1,700?! By the end of round one I had lost 28 pounds. Brook did about 80 percent of that first round with me. He made some changes too, and by day 90 he had lost over 20 pounds. I went right into another round of Power 90 and then on to Power Half Hour. I was hooked. By day 240 I was 159 pounds, a loss of 46 pounds!! I was near my original goal, but somewhere along the line I had reset the goal. My new target was 135 pounds. That was my weight just after graduation and I felt it was a healthy weight for my frame.

By this time I was active on the Message Boards and had started a photo thread to let other moms know that it was possible to get great results. Looking at all the testimonials there really motivated me. So I figured, why not give something back? I got lots of support and made many friends. I would not have stuck with the program or learned so much about nutrition and food intake if it were not for the awesome Beachbody community there.

My three older kids (10, 9, and 8 years of age) started a round of Power 90 this summer. They are almost at day 90. My husband is in his fourth week of Slim in 6. After my first round of Slim in 6 plus one recovery week, I joined Brook in his last four weeks of the "Burn It Up!" routine. It is a family affair! We are all eating healthier and getting stronger. I now weigh 140 pounds and have lost a grand total of 65 pounds. My husband has lost 27 pounds, six of them coming off in just the past two weeks. The kids are ready to go back to school and this means lots of new clothes, usually because they have outgrown them. Well, we'll still need to shop, but a lot of the things they wore at the end of last year will still fit for a while (and in some cases are too loose).

Thank you so much for putting together such wonderfully comprehensive programs that are easy to follow and stay with. We have made real lifestyle changes. We wanted you folks at Beachbody to feel our gratitude. We were the ones who put in the time and (let's not forget the catch!) effort. But without guidelines and a plan of action, we would still be floundering around out there clueless.

Thanks again for being a beacon of fitness on the beach of life. Now we can all be Beachbodies!!

Diva D.

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