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March 2004


Dear Beachbody,

I saw your Power 90 commercial while I was on the road. I have tried the Atkins diet, the Zone diet, and a few others. I have always lifted weights, but I was tired of diets. I bought this program thinking I would return it if I did not see results within two weeks. I just wanted to slim down, but I was amazed by the overall effectiveness of this program.

I wanted to get in shape for our family vacation to Hawaii in November. I weighed 262 pounds when I started the Power 90 program on July 21, 2003. At first the program was not too hard for me except for the yoga, because I had never done that before. My balance in this area needed some help. For the first two weeks or so I would fall over, but then my balance got better. After the first week I had lost 7. 5 pounds. Seeing those results, I just followed what Tony said on the introductory tape and continued to put the tape into the machine.

Eating on this plan was made easy with Michi's Ladder. My eating habits before I started the Power 90 program were not that good, so I started eating only from the top two tiers of Michi's Ladder. I must admit that I still gave myself a reward of an iced nonfat mocha during the week, and twice during the 90-day program I had lunch at my beloved In-N-Out Burger.

By day 30 I was down 18 pounds, and the results were amazing. I had started doing the 3-4 tapes on day 25, and Tony's Ab Ribber 200 workout was killing me. The change to the 3-4 tapes was a little tough, to say the least. I kept pushing on and completed that pesky Ab Ribber 200 on day 48. People started to notice the change in my body, especially in my face. I did not realize that in my "before" photo, my face looked very puffy. When my day 45 picture came back, I was in shock that I had let myself get that big and had not noticed how bad I looked.

The last day came and I stepped on the scale. I had lost 38 pounds and 5 inches around my waist. I am down to a weight I have not been to in about 10 years. I set a goal to lose another 10 to 15 pounds, to what I weighed in college. Once I get there you will be getting a new picture, guaranteed.

Thank you Tony and Beachbody for such a fine product that changed my way of life.


Clint G.

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