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My Beachbody Story

I never imagined that I would be one of those people writing a Fitness Testimony. In fact, I never imagined that I would be exercising with a video or a DVD. Sure, I grew up with Jack Lalane watching my mother attempt to do jumping jacks, and then there was Yoga with Lilias! Then, one morning I was watching TV, doing nothing on a nice day and Debbie's smiling face and Slim in 6 was on the screen. Secretly enchanted, I watched Debbie and listened to the entire infomercial. Going to the phone I seriously questioned my motives. I had always been active OUTSIDE! But the last several years I had gradually gained 15 pounds and was incredibly tired and weak. I had done what many do, slid by with skipping meals, yo-yo eating styles or extremely demanding athletics that would never work as a mother. I ordered Slim in 6 along with the vitamins and began BIG CHANGES.

Like most people, what initially hooked me was the idea that I could look HOT in a bikini in 6 weeks! Well, if this program was only gonna get you to lose weight, I doubt there would be so many people doing the Beachbody program. Not only did I lose a solid 6 pounds of FAT, I got my ENERGY back. I can say a BIG YES and HELLO to MY LIFE everyday. How great is THAT!

I lost weight, I lost inches, I can now exercise everyday and feel good, I make better choices for healthier eating, I am more in love with my partner and child than ever before, I have an organized home office and a new business I have clear skin and muscles in places they were buried in, I am TOTALLY a BETTER HUMAN. I know, that sounds so dramatic but IT'S TRUE. Change your routine; get your body moving and sweating and then VOILA! Suddenly your days are brighter, even when the sun is hiding! Exercise does things that you can't even imagine.

I am so grateful to the wonderful people at Beachbody for creating the user-friendliest successfully FUN fitness program EVER! I used to lift in gyms, well, I am happy to have this Beachbody Gym at home! And, all the wonderful support that I received from them via the Beachbody Community Support and any time I called.

Being a happier person is the best result I get everyday with Beachbody products. You might have some weight to lose, or shift or tone up and the best thing is getting to really say YES, YES, YES to living more fully and being totally INTO your own life!!

With all my heart,

Sarah M.

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