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Dear Beachbody,

I am a true friend and believer in your Beachbody™ products. I have completed two rounds of Power 90 and now Slim in 6. Your products have virtually changed my life. I owe you the rest of it and will continue using your products. Yesterday, I ordered Debbie's new Slim Series and will purchase P90X as soon as it is released.

In the past, I have tried every exercise video and equipment that is out there with very little or no results. Now, I tell everyone I know about your products because they work. I just wish I could give everyone just a little motivation to try them. They would be hooked just as I am. Being a Human Resource Manager with a company with over a thousand employees, I know your products could change so many lives for the better and I am doing my best to get the word out when I can. Not only will your products change the way people look, it will change how they feel about themselves and the world around them. Here is how I got started with your products and why they have changed my life.

Over a year ago, I was struggling with anxiety and major depression. With everyone in my father's family at one time or another being diagnosed with cancer, I had convinced myself that I had cancer and was dying. I went from doctor to doctor believing I had one type of cancer or another. Once a doctor was able to convince me I was ok and didn't have the type of cancer I believed I had, I would then think I had another type of cancer. Life was almost worst than death living in so much fear. My family and friends were helpless in convincing me I was ok.

Finally, I ended up at a Rheumatologist’s office and met a woman doctor who had the answer I was looking for. She explained to me that in order to get over the anxiety and depression, I would have to do some type of strenuous exercise five time a week. Shortly, after that visit, I happened upon your Power 90 commercial. I ordered Power 90 and after a few short weeks I not only looked better, my anxiety had lifted along with my depression. I am so healthy now physically and mentally. I no longer live in fear of dying and look forward to the future because I know I will be here a very long time.

My husband asked me to go to Paris with him last fall. Before Power 90, I would have never gone. I had so much fear and felt old and tired. Well, I was still a little apprehensive about flying. But, I told my husband that if he would quit smoking so that he would be around to share my life, I would put my fear of flying aside and go to Paris. Then I also asked him to purchase Slim in 6 for me for Christmas.

I started Slim in 6 on December 26, 2002 and finished the day we flew to Paris on February 6, 2003. Thanks to Slim in 6, I was one of the "sexiest" fifty-year old grandmas over there. It was the best vacation of my life. My husband loves my new shape and wants to show me off. So he kept insisting that I buy more clothes while I was there. My weight hadn't changed much because I never had much to lose. However, I went from a size 8 to a 4-6. My body is now as toned as it was when I was in my twenties. My friends and family are so jealous. I do tell them my secret though and tell them to visit Beachbody.com.

Besides your exercise videos, your community message boards have meant the world to me. There is no one in my family that works out. However, I have been able to get all of the motivation and support anyone could need on your boards. I also feel great when I am able to help out someone else as well. Who needs all of that exercise equipment and memberships to health clubs? I tried all of that with little or no results. All anyone needs is one of your programs and they will be hooked like I am. Thank you Beachbody for giving me my life back.

Nancy M.

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