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2003 Hollywood Trip


When I was 38, I went back to school to obtain a degree in Media Studies. I raised two daughters who were enrolled in college and I was ready to make a commitment to my own higher education.

From 1998 to 2002, I was working fulltime and going to school fulltime. There were quarters when I was working toward twenty to twenty-five credit hours. All of my free time was spent on studying and completing school projects. Although I've always been a healthy eater and physically fit, my workout routine was decreasing and my portions were increasing. In 2002, I was 42 and beginning my second year of graduate school. I stopped facing the scales when the dial reached a whopping 190 pounds and I was just barely squeezing into a size 14.

Although I was proud of my academic achievements, my weight was bringing me down mentally and physically. Every trip to my closet was agonizing as I searched through my clothes for something to wear that would miraculously make me feel good and look thin. I no longer owned a scale and my weight was likely up past 200 pounds. As the character Al on Married With Children once said "…your clothes don't make you look fat; your fat makes you look fat." I was also having agonizing pain in my knee and hip joint. I was actually scheduled to see a surgeon for possible surgery on my knee!

I rarely watch infomercials but one night I fell asleep watching TV and awoke to find a feature airing on Slim in 6. I couldn't find the remote control and didn't want to get out of bed because I was fat, lazy, and my knee hurt. I wrapped a pillow around my head and rolled over. I was wide-awake and could hear muffled testimonials through my makeshift earplugs of the people who succeeded to go from fat to slim. I loosened my grip on the pillow and started to watch the program. By the time the Slim in 6 infomercial was over, I had committed www.Beachbody.com to memory and ordered Slim in 6 the next day.

It was tough at first and I had to pause the Start it Up tape several times. By the time I advanced to the Ramp it Up tape I could go without stopping. I noticed a vast improvement in physiological and psychological strengths and attitudes. My progress was consistent and deliberate. I continued the program by cycling it every six weeks and mixing it up with other work out tapes. My weight went down to 160 and my size went down from 14 to 9.

In March 2003 I had maintained my weight and size and decided to invest in Power Half Hour. I've lost ten more pounds and I'm inching toward a size eight! The knee and hip problems are completely gone and I had enough confidence to begin a new career in Media Studies as the Sales Director of an Audiovisual and Staging Company!

There are many things that you don't have power over of in life. Our health and physical well-being is one of the few things in life in which we can take control and assume responsibility. Losing control of your health makes you feel like you've lost control of everything. Everyone is bound to face challenges and failures in life, but taking control of your physical body results in a healthy and strong attitude to overcome defeat. Exercising is a holistic transformation that drastically improved my negative outlook and physical appearance. Working out has empowered me to accept challenges and failures and turn them into opportunities and successes - both mentally and physically! A balanced diet and exercise is the catalyst for the dedication required for a healthy self-image. The Beachbody.com™ video products will be instrumental in my continued success. I've unzipped my fat suit and stepped out into a healthy world that will remain stylish regardless of fashion trends.

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