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Dear Beachbody;

Thank you, AGAIN. For the second time in less than six months, I must thank your company for helping me change my body and my mind back to the person I used to be. The person I had become was fat and lazy who was always making excuses about being that way. I blamed it on everything from not having time to work out, to genetics, and to aches and pains that kept me from working out. You name it and I had an excuse for not doing it.

When I was in high school I played all sports and ran track and cross country in college. I was never a super star but tried to keep myself in shape and could never understand why anybody would not stay that way. I became a police officer and continued to run and stay in shape but as time past I started to gain weight. I could not go run a couple of miles and take off weight like I used to. Then having two kids took much of my time, leaving no time for me to work out. (another excuse)

I am forty-one year old married man with two children. My family medical history should be enough to scare anybody into shape. My Dad and all three of his brothers died of heart attacks in their fifties. My Dad was fifty-two. Both my grandparents on my Dad’s side also died of heart attacks. My Mom is diabetic and so was her father. My Mom had a triple by-pass about ten years ago. One would think with all that medical history stacked against me that I would have taken better care of myself. No, I let myself go because I heard once that heart disease skips a generation. (another excuse).

I took vacation time from work during the holidays. I sat around and ate candy and all the other stuff that goes along with the holidays and before I knew it I was up to two hundred and sixty-nine pounds. My pants size was W40-L32 and I was holding my breath to get into those. A friend of mine had done the Power 90 program and told me it was the best workout he had ever done. I told my wife Connie about the program. She was not sure she wanted to spend the money. We were watching T.V. on the Saturday between Christmas and New Years and the Power 90 Infomercial was on. We decided to order the program. When it arrived we completed the program in ninety days. When we started I weighed 261. When we were done I was down to 213 and feeling good about myself. The only thing I was not happy with was my abs. I was miles ahead of where I was ninety days before, but knew with the help of Beachbody, and my work out partner Connie, I could do much better. So we decided we would try Slim in 6.

I did Power 90 for another four days after we were done. In the mean time our Slim in 6 program arrived. Connie and I took a three-day weekend and started Slim in 6 on Monday, April 21st. We decide to get up early in the morning to do our work out. At first it was not easy because we are both late night people. But after a few days, it felt great getting the workout in and starting the day refreshed and ready to go.

When we first started I was not sure I had made the right choice I was afraid I was not going to get the workout I had hope for. In week two we moved into Ramp It Up and I was starting to change my mind the other way. I was getting a good workout and again seeing results like I never thought possible. Weeks four through six were spent doing Burn It Up and Debbie is right, you guys do call it Burn It Up for a reason. The reason is it burns the fat right off of your body! On day one of Slim in 6 I weighed 215 and was 26.6% body fat. And now on my last day I weight 194 lbs and my body fat is down to 18%. I still don’t have the six-pack abs but I have a four pack. In a couple of weeks I will have that six pack and no longer have to joke about having a pony keg.

It is such a great feeling knowing that I have transformed my body back to what it used be. I don’t make excuses of why I can’t do something, I just go do it. People that I have not seen in a while don’t always recognize me. I was at the scene of an arson a couple of weeks ago. As I was walking under the crime scene tape a officer that I had not seen for a couple of months told me I was not allowed to walk where I was because it was a crime scene. When I turned to look at her, her face became as red as the fire truck when she saw who I was. She started to apologize to me. I told her that she did not owe me an apology instead I should be telling her thank you for the compliment. But the best compliment I have gotten came from my eleven-year-old daughter. I think the least I had ever weighed since she was born was around two hundred and thirty pounds. When I picked her up last week from a field trip, I heard her tell one of her friends. “That’s my Dad, the tall skinny one in the green pants”. She got a BIG hug from me and I smiled all the way home.

So now you know why I am telling Beachbody thank you for a second time. Because of Power 90 and Slim in 6 I have lost seventy-five pounds and twenty four inches of fat! Several of my family and friends are doing the same work outs and getting similar results. If you are not sure if Slim in 6 is right for you look at it like I did. It is thirty –six hours (not even a whole weeks work) out of your life and it may change your life forever. I know it has mine. I will never let myself go the way I had. Don’t you think you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to give it a try? I did and I am happy I did but more importantly, so are my wife and kids.

Thank You Debbie and all the staff at Beachbody. Your programs and support are great! Because of you guys I feel and look like a new man.

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