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2003 Hollywood Trip


Dear Beachbody.com,

My story starts over a year ago when I first purchased Slim in 6. At the time I wanted to be fit, but I did not have the motivation to get my eating under control and after a couple weeks I gave up.

Then in October 2002, I started Weight Watchers. I lost weight, but no one seemed to notice. I sustained a foot problem and then I remembered my Slim in 6 tapes - they are low impact. So in February 2003,1 decided to do Slim in 6 again and committed to it everyday. I am proud to say I only missed one day in six weeks and that was a day we had a blizzard and I shoveled snow for 6 hours that day. I was four weeks into the program at that point and I never would have been able to shovel so much if I hadn't started Slim in 6 in the first place.

Well, the results were amazing. I lost another 5 pounds in those 6 weeks, but the body transformation was astounding. People were now starting to really notice my weight loss. As it was approaching Easter, I decided to see what in my closet now fit me for the holiday. Wow, everything did! Then I decided for fun to try on some of my old bridesmaid dresses I had worn 10 to 15 years ago. That's when the revelation hit of how different my body had become. I have always been a pear shape (a very bottom heavy pear), and when those dresses were made I was a good 10 pounds lighter than I am now. They were altered to fit me and I still had to wear a girdle to get my hips into those dresses. I put on those old dresses and they zipped right up over my hips and were actually snug in the chest (which never happens for me). This proved to me, I have actually reshaped my body with Slim in 6 and am more in proportion than I have ever been in my life.

I have been doing Keep it Up for three weeks now and am continuing to see results. I have lost another 5 pounds and another inch off my total.

The best reward of all this though, is that you have helped give my children (7 and 4 years) a fit and fun Mom. Before, our main activities were movies and videos. Now we play ball and ice skate and swim and bike ride, etc. We are an active family now, as my husband won't be left behind out of the fun, and the question of what we do on the weekends is determined by the weather rather than my energy level. Thank you Debbie and Beachbody for designing such an effective workout!!!

Felicia O.

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