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Slim in 6 and Beachbody!

Several years ago I received a medical jolt at the age of 50 - I had a heart attack! Although a mild one, it still required the implant of three coronary stents and a serious change of lifestyle... stop smoking, improve dietary intake, and exercise. Over the course of the next few years, the success of these changes was yes, somewhat, and hardly at all. As a result, my weight had increased 30 pounds. I realized I needed a makeover and that I was the only person who could do it.

I watched the Power 90 infomercial a number of times and thought, "I can do that." I bought it and finally worked up the courage to start the program.

I set my goals and planned my schedule when I would do the routine during the day. My girlfriend, Julie, led the encouragement and constructed 30 little notes. I called them my inspirations, and I intended to place a new one each day on my frig. And I started. What a pathetic scene.

I could not believe how much I had slipped in physical condition over the years. But before I knew it, I had made it through the first week. In two weeks, I could do a limited number of male pushups. In three weeks, I could do the complete cycle of aerobics. In six weeks, I graduated to Phase III-IV. The pounds began to disappear... three, five, eight, then ten. My pants were too baggy and loose. I needed new jeans!

In 14 weeks I had lost 17 pounds and three inches off my waist. Better still, my balance, stamina, and strength were vastly improved. During "max pushups," I was doing 40 with one foot crossed on top of the other.

I purchased Slim in 6 to change my exercise routine and set a goal to lose my last ten pounds. How intense. With Debbie, I found new sweat routines and muscles I had not worked ("extend, extend").

But it works. Six weeks and another nine pounds off. The overall results have been twenty-six pounds and five Inches off the waist, body mass from 28 to 24, and body fat from 24% to 16%. But best of all, the sense of pride of accomplishment and empowerment are immeasurable.

Thank you.

Dale C.

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