Curtis B.

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Slim in 6 is great. It's the best informative and instructional video produced on the market today. I've tried other workout videos and they never really held my attention like Slim in 6.

Like most people today, finding time for physical fitness has become less and less important. It all became very important to me one day when I noticed that over the past few months I hadn't been to the gym once. Work went from five days a week to six and sometimes on Sundays. I started noticing, like most people do, that I was slowly turning into a shape I had never seen before and for that matter never felt before. It wasn't until I realized after a yearly check up with my doctor that my cholesterol was too high and I needed to do something about it.

My girlfriend suggested Slim in 6 because she had purchased it a few weeks before my visit to the Doctor. I was skeptical as always but decided to give it a chance. This was one of the best video's I've tried. I'm motivated every morning to get up and add that next day of workout to the running total.

Once you see and feel the results and understand the movements theirs no telling how far you'll go. I've already recommended to my friends and family and hope that this letter goes out to those people who are tired of video's that don't get the job done like Slim in 6 does.

Thanks again

Curtis B.

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