Amanda W.

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2003 Hollywood Trip


Dear Beachbody:

All through high school I was actively involved in basketball and volleyball. I weighed around 140 and wore an 8/9 pants size. I went onto college and played volleyball where we had 4 hours of practice and weight training. I stayed the same size but my muscle tone was in pretty good shape.

Soon school was over and I got married and had a baby. At nine months pregnant I weighed 180. After my daughter was born I coached volleyball and practiced with the girls one hour a day. I was able to get down to 150 and wore size 10/12 pants. I stayed that size for about a year. With a baby I did not have a lot of exercise time like I did before. I would take my daughter for walks but could not lose any more weight and had lost most of my muscle tone.

I also had to be careful because I tore my ACL (Anterior crucial ligament) in my knee while playing college volleyball. I could not do any hard impact exercise like running or jumping because it was so hard on my knee. I really didn't think I could get a good cardio workout anymore. I felt stuck at where I was at.

A few months later, I watched my sister literally shrink in 6 weeks by using Slim in 6. She looked great so I asked her about it. She told me it was low impact but very high cardio! Just what I needed! So I decided I would try it. Although I was very busy, I completed the Slim in 6 program and I also slimmed down a lot in a short amount of time. I also had my muscle tone back. I am now smaller and stronger than I was in all my years of being involved in active sports.

In only six weeks I lost 20 pounds and went from size 10/12 pants to a 4/5! My thighs look incredible and are so much smaller. I lost several inches in my waist and cannot believe the change! The best part is my energy level is so much higher and I am able to keep up with my daughter! I currently weigh 130 and am 5'8" tall. I am able to incorporate Slim in 6 into my schedule about 2 times a week and have maintained my weight loss and muscle tone for six months.

Thanks Beachbody for helping me be the person I wanted to be! Slim in 6 works and I am proof! I've done a lot of exercising in my life and have never gotten results like I did with this program. I recommend this program to everyone I see who says '"Wow you look great! What have you been doing?"


Amanda W.
May 2003

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