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2003 Hawaii Trip


WendiAnn writes:

To begin with... I am 33, married, have four children, and I live in Alabama. I love to play softball, draw, do pottery, swim, travel, get to know people, read, goof off and be silly and spending LOTS of time with my children.

I don't think I've ever been a healthy person, seems there was always something... sick (colds, pneumonia), c-sections, and varicose veins, jaw reconstruction. Through the years all I've done is get weaker, more depressed, and gain weight! Each day looking in the mirror hurt worse and worse at "WHO" I saw and what I was becoming. Many a days I just sat and cried! One day I "WOKE UP" to the realization that I had an eating disorder. It had been slowly depressing me and I had gained about 30 lbs. in one year. Finally able to admit to myself where I was, "I" and only "I" would have to conquer this. I knew I had to do something..but what? I needed help, structure, strength, and support (something I didn't have much of at all). Most of all, I needed the correct balance in getting "HEALTHY." It wasn't JUST about losing weight.. it was ALL OF ME!

I was hiding away more and more each day. Ashamed of "ME." Like most everyone, I had tried many different "programs" "fads" "diets" "do what they did" "do this" "do that" but they hurt, were a temporary fix, not balanced or basically weren't HEALTHY! When I saw the infomercial for Power 90 something inside of me just KNEW... THIS was what I needed. I was told "yah, yah, another gimmick, loss of money." But I knew this was it! I had a choice:

A. Join a gym, (this involved $300+ for six months, dragging four children with me, drive 25 min. there, work out for 45 min.+, 25 min. home, gas, kid snacks, not much support or training and a whole lotta self-consciousness happenin! And no money back if I didn't do it) All this for five days a week. Am I going to do this?? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!

B. Power 90 (90 days, under $100, at home, my time, LOTS of support, well balanced, teaching my children about health early on, money back if I didn't like it and if I did, a lifetime of enjoying health) HMMMMM where's the rocket scientist when I need one to help me decide??????? :)

I pretty much set out alone and determined. I felt I had to 'prove' to others, but I really had to 'prove' to MYSELF. So, here I am. TAKING ONE STEP AT A TIME.. ONE DAY AT A TIME. Through my journey of my first 90 days to LIFE... I've learned to eat properly for my body and mind to repair, build and become healthy. Gaining the much needed muscle strength I had lost through the past years, I am now being active again and feeling the best I have ever felt.

My Stats:

  Day 01 Day 90
weight 160 lbs. 127 lbs.
chest 39" 35"
waist 36" 30"
hips 43" 38"
rt. thigh 24" 19"
lt. thigh 23" 20"
rt. arm 14" 12"
lt. arm 13" 12"
Total loss of 33 lbs. and 26"

Basic fact: When I get to age 50, I don't want to feel 95! Instead of being a lonely, depressed, negative, cranky, mean, slow, aching, sick hermit.... I can be healthy, actively playing and enjoying LIFE with my family and friends.

Thank you Beachbody, Tony Horton, and everyone I've met also doing the Beachbody experience. It's been a wonderful experience with so much encouragement and support. Also, I am especially thankful for a friend of mine that has helped encourage me, hold me accountable, and been there for me even on the hard days without judgment.

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