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Traci writes:

Dear Beachbody,

While flipping through the channels one weekend a few months back, I came across the Power 90 infomercial. When I stopped to see what it was about, I was so impressed at the before and after pictures that were obviously not retouched. (I could see stretch marks on some of the women) I listened as Tony talked about God not creating our bodies to have this layer of fat all over. The more I watched that infomercial I thought, "We can do this - I'm dying to start!" (My husband and I) I grabbed a pencil and wrote down the phone number. I asked my husband if he would be willing to do this 90-day program with me that I was sure would work, and he agreed.

Neither one of us were hideously overweight; we both exercised semi-regularly, but never seemed to lose those problem areas we'd complained about for forever. We've tried all kinds of diet programs, exercise tapes, exercise machines, running, and we play on a soccer team together, but still those fatty areas hung on. I've had four kids, one pretty much after the other, and though I'd lose all the weight after each of my pregnancies, my body had just shifted to where everything was starting to not look how I wanted it to look. Once I turned 30, I started noticing parts were sagging and having that ugly orange peel look where it had never been before. My weight was slowly starting to creep up. I started buying into the idea that I looked the best I could ever look without working out in a gym four hours a day, five days a week. Boy was I wrong!

To start off with, I was amazed at the nutrition information. I think kids should be taught this stuff in school, before all those terrible eating habits kick in. I was one of the bird eaters the pamphlet talked about - I wouldn't have anything but coffee all morning, but when I finally ate because I had the shaky feeling, it would be high carb foods. I began studying Michi's Ladder, memorizing it, learning to stop eating when satisfied, not full, cutting out breads and heavy starchy foods from my diet and replacing it with much needed protein, green veggies and fruits. It may SEEM like a no-brainer, but I felt like I'd been in a bubble somewhere that I didn't see the importance of what I was eating! We cleaned out our cupboards and fridge, bought a George Forman grill, and re-stocked the fridge with healthy foods and snacks. And lots and lots of WATER. Gone are the soda days! :)

The first few days, actually even the first couple of weeks, my body went through major withdrawal! I was craving fattening foods, and my stomach was growling, but I was committed to see what my body could be. But every day I'd stick with it and put in that tape. In short, I kept pressing play. I kept dragging myself out of bed to work out before the kids got up for school. It was a real lesson in discipline, but I figured it was time well invested. Deciding that what I wanted in the long term was more important than what I was feeling I wanted in the short term. And then my body caught on. I started not to crave the things I had craved before and my body loved being hydrated! All that coffee was terrible for my skin! My face was always peeling and my hands were always dry. Suddenly my face wasn't peeling and I had so much more energy. My headaches were gone. I wasn't grouchy and short tempered. I felt better than I'd ever felt before. I had so much more energy than I'd felt since I was a teenager.

I was seeing changes in my body after the first 30 days, but more importantly I was feeling stronger. There were definitely days I wanted to chuck the whole program, but I just took one day at a time. Tony makes the workouts fun, fast and so productive. His quirky, funny little comments made it fun to workout. I looked forward to the workouts and the feeling of accomplishment I felt after they were completed.

By day 60 I was really trimming down, and the measurements were steadily getting smaller. I love how the programs include only exercises that sculpt and work off all the right places.

It was in the last 30 days that I saw the biggest results and other people began asking questions. People started asking where I worked out or what was my program, everywhere I went. It was so bizarre. The grocery store, a party, a restaurant, church, PTA meetings, you name it, I am asked what do I do to "have arms like that", or "how can someone who's had 4 kids have a washboard stomach??" This happens almost every time I go out. Many women I don't even know come up to me and ask for me to tell them "everything I do, to be in that kind of shape!" I feel like I should carry around Beachbody/Power 90 business cards for all of the times I've given out the email address and information on the program! I don't go anywhere without writing down Beachbody.com at least once for someone who is inspired by the fact that a mom of four can be in shape! And inevitably, someone listening in on the conversation quickly writes down the address as well!

As I excitedly tell people, "If I can do it, anyone can do it" if they get these tapes and do the program - it is so rewarding! My friend joked with me last weekend "You're going to need to start wearing baggy clothes wherever we go, cuz it takes up way too much time every time you stop to talk to someone about Power 90!" :) (She, by the way, has begun the Power 90 program herself, along with her husband and mom.) The e-newsletter Carl Daikeler sent out last month was so true - as the program is completed, you become a walking billboard for Power 90. I would've never guessed it could be true for me. As I was telling one woman about it, she asked, "Do you work for this company?" I just want everyone to experience the success of this program.

I lost 9 pounds and 12 1/4" of pure fat and replaced it with lean, strong muscle - I can't believe it's me when I see myself in a mirror. I also can't believe that I can do so many push-ups and sit-ups. It is just amazing what the body can do if it is exercised properly for maximum benefit. Now that I've "graduated" from Power 90, I have continued on with the Power Half Hour tapes and the Great Body Guaranteed tape...and again, I am so impressed with the results I get in the small amount of time it takes to do the tapes. I seriously feel like I could write page after page of the many areas that being physically fit has improved my life, my husband's life, our health, our fun, our kids health, etc.

Thank you, thank you for this program! Thank you for setting the bar a little higher for the average person like myself! Thanks for blowing to pieces the idea that you can only look great if you go to a gym day in and day out. Thanks for making it available at such a great price - a small price to pay for looking, feeling, and being healthy and strong! My life is forever changed!


Traci M.

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