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Terri writes:

My Beachbody success story...and what a success it's been!!

Before I discovered my new lifestyle with Beachbody, I was really heavy...and I was fed up and so sad that I had let myself get so out of shape (again!). And I knew (or thought I knew) how long it would take to get the weight off (again)....but then I found this amazing program and I took it one day at a time. I stuck to it and kept my eye on the goal. I used the boards for companionship and the unending support found there. Everyday was a day closer to where I was headed (for good this time!) and that's what I focused on.

Ever since I can remember, I've been imprisoned and obsessed by my self-image, eating and exercising. l have gained and lost the same 30 lbs. many times throughout my life. And the very unfortunate result of that has been gaining and losing my self-respect with each cycle. It was an awful way to exist! My weight was always on my mind. Depending if I were "up" or "down" would have such an influence on my attitude towards everything in my life. Instead of stopping the miserable cycle, I just kept packing on the pounds until once again I got to the breaking point and found yet another "solution" to lose the weight.

This time around, my pivotal days had come just prior to my 44th birthday. I was on the "up" side of the weight "cycle" (cresting 147 lbs. on my small 5'1" frame) and was starting to get aches and pains I'd never before experienced (back, legs).

Enter Beachbody.com!!!! I was watching TV late one night eating a trusty make-me-feel-better-for-a-while peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and there was the P90 infomercial appearing like a gift from heaven. I was riveted. I've seen and done a lot of workout programs over the years but this one really spoke to me. It looked solid and Tony was believable. I bought the tapes the next day. I could not wait to start!! And start I did!!!

I did that workout exactly as planned; pushing play for 90 days and changing my eating habits as well. 90 days after those tapes arrived I was such a different person from when I started. So much happier and definitely healthier - and I could not get over the changes in my body in such a short period of time! I lost 17 lbs., 10% body fat and 34 inches! I ended up four sizes smaller than I was just three months prior!! Unbelievable!

That was a little over a year ago! I have been working out with Beachbody programs ever since. And my total weight loss is 25 lbs with 37 inches GONE forever! Fat has dropped a total of 12%.

I am a better person on every level. My self-confidence, self-respect and attitude have done a complete reversal. My enthusiasm for everything has soared to a new high. I find myself constantly spreading the word hoping to help others see the light that has so brightened up my world! Power 90 is most definitely the best fitness tool I have ever come across!

Thank you, Beachbody for creating such fun, effective and time-efficient total-health programs!!!! You've really got it covered: mind, body and soul!!! I feel great, look great and have made so many incredible life-long friends in the process!!! And all of this life-changing greatness started with just one phone call!!!

My days of imprisonment from diet and exercise are soooo over! The cell door has been unlocked once and for all and I am finally free of the thoughts and behaviors that kept me there. I just had to find the right key. I am certain that I have!!

Thank you from the bottom of my healthier heart!!!

Terri S. (aka healthy&fit)

p.s. I am so excited to be able to submit this story and my pics for the Hawaii contest as last year I was only on day 60-something at the deadline....YAY!!!

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