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2003 Hawaii Trip


Robert writes:


It's an absolute miracle what's happened to our family over the last three months since starting your Power 90 program.

I'm a 41-year-old married male with an 8-year-old son. This spring, around my last birthday, I had a chance to reflect on my life and look back at all the things that I've done. For the most part, I was in pretty decent shape and loved to hike and camp, fish, swim, bike, ski, and if there was a ball game of any sort going on with my friends, I was right there with them. When I got married, Tina and I used to do aerobics almost every night, but we also used to love to eat! As life went on, we bought a house, had a child, and I got caught up with the increasing responsibilities of my work life. Things started to dramatically change for the worse. I was slowly watching and feeling my body spiral out of control. Exercise was one of the many things that I had no time for. Other things in life had to and did come first.

As a physician's assistant I told my patients on a daily basis to watch their diet, eat less, exercise more, drink lots of water, and get enough sleep. I lectured them on the dangers of high cholesterol, diabetes, heart and abdominal disease, strokes, chronic back pain, etc. But I never followed my own advice. I never ate breakfast, but instead had a couple cups of coffee, then dashed off to work 14-16 hour shifts a day, six+ days a week. Maybe I'd grab something real fast in between patients, like a pizza or a sub, or maybe nothing at all because it made me tired. Then when I got home late at night, watch-out! I'd slam anything and everything into my face as fast as I could, then sit down to a book or in front of the TV and fall asleep, only to do it all over again. "So what, right!" "I work hard, and I can still ski OK, so what if I have to roll out of bed with aches and pains, and even mowing the lawn makes me break out in a sweat. I see people I graduated with, and man they look old and out of shape, so if I'm sliding like everyone has to, at least I'm not going down the fastest."

But now here I was, in the worst shape of my life. 180 lbs. was way too heavy for my 5' 6 ½" frame. I was horrified to look in the mirror and see pictures of myself. I had to buy new 33 inch waist pants to squeeze into after bursting out of or giving away my old clothes.

And the very worst thing of all, without any comparison, was the way I felt when I tried to do things with my son, Nick. I loved to spend my free moments being active and doing things with him, but felt so tired and overweight that I couldn't keep up.

Then I saw your advertisement, and it looked like a good idea. It didn't seem like a gimmick, or a hype or fad, but just common sense. I ordered it and when I got the package I read through everything cover to cover, and it really made sense! Everything I knew that I should be doing was written down in front of me, but so much more clearly in someone else's words. It was presented so simply, honestly, and positively that I knew it could work for me. I prepared my wife, my house, and myself to do this venture. If I was going to do it, it would be done correctly and completely. We got weights, got rid of a lot of junk food, and got down to business.

I did the Quick Start myself on a rare free weekend, and by Monday I had lost six lbs and already felt better and well-hydrated. Then off we went on the videos! The first time I did the 1-2 Sweat I thought I was going to die, but I was determined not to give up! Tina and I had done a lot of aerobics in the past (she used to be an aerobics instructor) and we were really impressed with Tony and how his moves took us from body part to body part. He made it fun, but urged us on! This was just like when we were first dating. It was hard, but rewarding!

Within days people were noticing, anyone who knew me seemed to comment on the change. Some said it was like magic, but I knew it wasn't. It was dedication, self-control, and determination. Initially it was very hard to change my eating habits. I wasn't used to eating breakfast, but I felt a lot better when I did. I had to remind myself to push water, eat healthy, 5 meals daily, and nothing in between. I couldn't believe how much I thought about food, but I was also amazed that I never felt starved or deprived with my new diet. Healthy food tasted great, my taste buds felt alive, and my skin felt more moisturized. Using Michi's Ladder as a guide opened my eyes to a whole new way of eating. Activit vitamins with breakfast and the performance supplements at night gave me strength that I needed. I was feeling much more energetic.

By Day 30 I had dropped 20 lbs and was easily fitting into size 32 pants. This gave me even more determination to continue. Exercise and smart eating was now a natural part of my daily routine. By Day 60 I had dropped another 10 lbs and my waist, stomach, and legs were thinning down while my chest and arms grew in size and strength. My biceps and abs were toning up and becoming defined, and I was feeling more flexible and athletic. Levels 3-4 were harder, but more challenging and rewarding.

Honestly, I did enjoy my one day off a week to rest, and even twice missing two days a week, but then got right back on track. The weekly Newsletter from was perfectly timed and seemed directed toward my progress. It guided me away from burn out, and encouraged me to continue. Through the chat rooms I met some wonderful people from all over the place in various stages of the program, and it felt great to share our stories. But the biggest help was having my wife and I go through this together, encouraging each other along the way. I don't think we would have made it this far without each other, and would recommend everyone having such a partner!

Finally Day 90 had arrived! I lost a total of 40 lbs (from 178 down to 138) and more than three pant sizes! I haven't felt this good about myself since I don't know when. My son and I enjoy each other like never before! I feel like a walking and talking advertisement for Power 90 and good health! My total outlook has completely changed, from despair to optimism! And I don't want to stop here. I plan on becoming a coach for other people that I know and will get to know online to help them be the best that they can become.

Power 90, you've been a lifesaver for me in ways that I can't express! You've given my family and me another chance, and you've gained believers for life! Tony Horton, thank you for being on my DVD screen for the last three months, and you're welcome in my home always!

With sincerest thanks,

Robert B.

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