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2003 Hawaii Trip


Nicole N. writes:

Dear Beachbody,

Throughout high school and college I was the thin one. For as long as I could remember, I had worn an eight and while I could have shaped up a little bit, weight was never a problem. Then children arrived. After my first daughter was born I found myself a good 25 lbs heavier than I had ever been. And while I wasn't happy that I couldn't fit into my clothes, I accepted it and decided to just be fat and happy eating whatever I wanted. I decided that my body had just changed, that nothing would ever be the same. I ignored comments and slaps on the butt from well-meaning friends and family. Then in February, I looked in the mirror and realized I was round. I didn't want to be round, I wanted to be sculpted.

One night when I was feeling not so good about myself, I saw the Beachbody infomercial and I've never been the same. I visited the website to see if the claims were real, and I saw real people posting their real results. I ordered it immediately, within the hour. I felt that since I knew I had a short attention span, I could commit to anything for 90 days! The next week while I was waiting for my Power 90 to arrive, I changed how I ate. I told my husband that I'd still make his favorite dinners, but that I'd be eating differently overall. Two weeks later it arrived on a Friday, and I started on a Monday. I actually started a workout program! And I didn't stop. I first noticed how my body was being re-shaped. I wasn't round anymore, I was getting sculpted!

At my 30-day mark, I had lost four and a half pounds and almost five inches and my always-thin-but-gaining-weight husband joined me on the Beachbody journey. We started working out in the evening together while our two girls, ages four and one, watched us workout regularly and move into a healthier lifestyle. We haven't cooked fried chicken (a staple in our household) since March! We're compelled to be healthy now. But what I think made the difference for me was the online support. It's what I found on the Beachbody website that helped me stay with it. Everyday I saw somebody's new results, and I wanted results too. At 60 days, I had lost 13 lbs and 11 inches. At the end of my 90 days, I had lost 18 lbs and 14 inches. Now at more than 120 days later of working to maintain and tone, I've lost a total of 28 lbs and more than 18 inches. I went from, (pre-Power 90), a tight size twelve, sometimes fourteen, down to a size six.

I've made new friends at Beachbody—lovely, supportive people who want the same things out of life. I'll never be the same.


Nicole N.

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