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2003 Hawaii Trip


Monica writes:

My name is Monica, otherwise known as Moe Moe! My Power 90 journey began on March 16, 2003 with my husband Brad. That day was one of the most important days of my life! It was a huge turning point for me and I have so much for which to be grateful!

Brad and I have three beautiful children, who are a very important part of my Power 90 story! My husband and I met when we were in seventh and eighth grade. We were both very active people all through high school and college. (Go IU)!!! We never struggled with weight issues, thank goodness! After college I was teaching elementary school and putting Brad through medical school. Four years into our marriage I found out that we were expecting our first child Brady- who is now 10-years-old. I gained 57 pounds with that first pregnancy. I had an emergency c-section after 30 some hours of hard labor! It was a nightmare for me. I have a video of me in the hospital saying, "I'll never ever do this again"! Well, three months after leaving that hospital, I found myself pregnant with our second child MaciAnn. I gained a total of 40 pounds with my second pregnancy. The doctors made me have another c-section since the babies were so close together. I had somehow managed to lose the extra weight that I gained with the first pregnancy, but I knew that I would be in trouble after the second one. Two c-sections down and I didn't think that I had a muscle left in my lower abs that hadn't been ripped from side to side! Three years later I found myself pregnant again with our third child Mattie. With this pregnancy I gained another 50+ pounds! Thirty hours of labor and yet another emergency c-section occurred! The doctors finally told me that my body just wasn't made to give birth! Well thanks for that... a little late! I just knew that I would never see the body that I once had. Recovery with these c-sections was tremendously hard and took a great toll on my body. When Mattie turned four-years-old my body started doing some pretty peculiar things. I was having terrible hot flashes, couldn't sleep at all and had next to no energy. I went to see a doctor to have my thyroid checked and everything looked great! So they ran a test on my hormones. It turns out that I was I full blown Menopause at age 32. They ran the test three separate times because they could not get over the numbers. I made history that day in my doctor's office. I was the youngest person to ever have complete ovarian failure with this particular physician.

After battling the many different forms of estrogen and testosterone, and going through tremendous weight gain, I had to have yet another surgery. How much more could my lower stomach take? Cut me open again? Are you serious? My complete hysterectomy was two years ago, in October, of 2001. Since then I've struggled with weight gain and terribly low self-esteem. I sing with a group called 'Walking' in Faith'. We travel to different cities and states on the weekend. My eating habits have been less than desirable during our traveling.

Each one of these four surgeries and my lifestyle choices have contributed a great deal to the transformation that my body has taken over the years following college. After praying for God to intervene with my self-esteem issues, I turned on the TV to find. . . Power 90 and Tony Horton! What an awesome God we have that he would answer my prayers so quickly and allow me to understand his direction for my life! Power 90 was the tool that I needed to transform this beaten body into the temple that God created it to be. I knew that it wouldn't be easy, but he was faithful to answer my prayer, so I had to be faithful to complete this program. I knew that my strength and endurance would come from him!

I have been obedient in following this program and the top two tiers of Michi's Ladder. I believe in the 90 days that I've been on this program that I only failed to eat that way on three separate occasions and only missed out on one day of exercise! Not too bad for a 35-year-old busy mother of three!

I'm nowhere near being finished with this program. I am now starting Power Half Hour (PHH) and terribly excited to see the results that it will bring! This has been a lifestyle change for our family for my husband, my kids, and myself! Everyone wins with P90!

There are many key components to the success rate of this program. I believe, for me, the most important is the support that one receives through others who are doing the same thing... building better bodies and minds. Having my spouse to workout with was incredibly fun, but getting involved with the different threads in this program was "key" to getting me through the 90 days! All of the encouragement and motivation that I needed was found there! I also enjoyed the chat room where different coaches and friends can be found and the photo gallery is awesome! My daughter MaciAnn took my Day one photos to post in that gallery. I cried very hard for a couple of hours after seeing the pictures in the digital camera. Could that person with the three back rolls have seriously been me? MaciAnn's eyes filled up with tears at the sight of her mother crying and she asked "Mom, did I do something wrong? Why are you crying? I replied to MaciAnn, "No honey! Mommy did something wrong, but now I'm going to fix it! The people in this gallery are "REAL" people getting "REAL "results, and receiving "REAL" encouragement and praise! I don't know of any other program that offers that! These people want you to succeed! They want you to hit your goals, and they want you to feel good about yourself and what you're doing! In return you become one of them. You start to encourage and support others who are right there with you. Throughout this incredible process your commitment to the program and your commitment to bettering yourself gets driven deeper and deeper! This whole "Attitude Change" pours over into your daily life. Your friends, your family, your children and co-workers. . . they all begin to notice these changes in you. These aren't just physical changes that I'm talking about. These are mental and emotional and spiritual changes. These are just added bonuses that go along with the physical change that takes place. Now I know that there isn't another program out there that does all this!

My life will never be like it was before purchasing Power 90. I will never allow myself to return to that overweight unhappy, mother and wife! I will continue to encourage and support all who decide to take this journey of a lifetime! I will never settle for being content with myself. I will strive to better myself in every aspect of life (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) until this life is over! I want to stand before God and say, "this is what I've done with the body which you have so graciously blessed me with!" No one wants to disappoint the big man and I'm no exception!

Thank you Tony Horton for being an instrument in the creation of Power 90! I owe so very much to you and those who were with you in the process of designing this awesome program. Thank you for creating my ANSWER TO PRAYER!

God Bless and keep you All, Moe Moe

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