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Mike writes:

Thank you Tony and Beachbody.com!

WOW! I'm simply amazed at the difference (see stats within this story).

I knew that I had to do something about being overweight, but I didn't really believe that I could. I have tried dieting many times, but could only lose a few pounds, which came right back as soon as I went off the diet. Once, I even went on an extended juice fast, but only lost eight pounds.

"I must exercise!" I told myself. So over time, I purchased several pieces of exercise equipment hoping that would do the trick. But they didn't really help me lose weight and it seemed like most of the exercise I got came from lugging the equipment around from room to room. I wanted to see measurable results quickly, and since this wasn't happening, I just couldn't stay motivated to keep up the routines. I even joined a health club, but after six weeks of hard work, I had GAINED two pounds! Now I was really depressed (not to mention $75 poorer from the monthly club fees).

Then, a miracle happened. I was watching a Power 90 infomercial (yes, I sometimes watch infomercials, but usually just to make fun of them) and I was impressed with their no-nonsense approach to exercise and weight loss and encouraged by the success stories. I was especially impressed with Tony Horton who appeared to be about my age and was in amazing shape.

I am 46-years-old and just couldn't get motivated by some fitness "expert" who was only 25 or 30-years-old (no offense to you younger trainers). It was obvious to me that Tony "walked the walk" and if he could do it, maybe I could too.

I went to the Power 90 Web site and after reading everything I could, there were four things that stood out in my mind:

  1. The cost. Only three payments of $19.95. That was less than two months dues at my health club.
  2. I could get the program on DVD. No more rewinding the tape after each session. I could go right to a specific exercise or replay one quickly. Especially valuable in the beginning when I'd be learning the exercises.
  3. The language and tone of the Web site, as well as the testimonials, led me to believe that the owners of the company were sincerely interested in my success and not just out to make a buck.
  4. The guarantee. 90 days - the same length as the program. If it didn't work for me, I could get my money back. That was awesome. What did I have to lose?

I ordered the program and waited anxiously for its arrival. I have ordered exercise videos from other companies before, but all that normally came in the box were the tapes themselves and a one-page instruction sheet. When my Power 90 package arrived, however, I was delighted to find much more than I expected. It came with two DVDs (beginner and advanced training), a large foldout chart to track my daily progress, a booklet that provided practical "getting started" information along with some very valuable "staying motivated" tips, an additional booklet that gave me the best information on weight loss (practical eating rather than dieting) that I had ever read, an Internet support CD, and a "fast start" guide to seeing measurable results the very first week.

I followed the Power 90 step-by-step instructions, filled out the "transformation tracker," and started with the phase 1-2 video. I decided to use dumbbells for the weight resistance sessions (because I already had them), but now I can see the benefits of using resistance bands and would highly recommend them. If you do use dumbbells, have at least two or three different pairs of weights already set up - it's not practical to add or subtract weights in the middle of a workout (trust me). It was slow going in the beginning and I was more out of shape than I had imagined. I had to start with the lightest weight I could find and could not even do half the number of reps they were doing on the video. Here it was day one, and I was already getting discouraged.

Fortunately, Tony Horton (on the video) provided great encouragement, saying that the number of reps wasn't that important in the beginning and to "listen to your own body." He made me believe that I didn't have to kill myself each session and if I just kept going, the reps would increase automatically. Boy was he right! Every week or two I would add a couple of reps to each exercise as they got easier and finally started increasing the dumbbell weight used as well. By week seven, I was able to move on to the advanced sessions (phase 3-4) and by the end of the 90 days I was able to keep up with the entire video! I simply kept pushing "play" (I love that motto, it kept me going!) and this is what happened for me using Power 90:

  • I lost 5 lbs my first week.
  • I lost 15 lbs my first month.
  • I lost 30 lbs over the 90-day program (from 216 lbs down to 186)
  • I lost 8 inches off my waist
  • I lost 3 1/2 inches off my chest
  • I lost 17 1/2 total inches
  • My blood pressure went down to 120/75
  • My cholesterol went from 261 down to 188
  • My resting heart rate went from 108 beats per minute down to 78
  • I did find, though, that there are pros AND cons to losing weight.

The Pros. There are many. Here are just a few of the ones that I noticed...

  1. Health
    1. My cholesterol and heart rate are way down
    2. I don't perspire as easily
    3. I have fewer headaches
    4. My sleep has improved
    5. I just plain feel better
  2. Slim stomach
    1. I can actually see my feet now
    2. I can bend over and tie my shoes without having to hold my breath
    3. I don't have to tilt my driver's seat back to make room for my stomach
  3. Self image
    1. I'm no longer embarrassed to take my shirt off in public
    2. My sons' friends have commented on how good I look (I was even invited to an Arnold Schwarzenneger movie with them)
    3. I no longer feel guilty when I eat
    4. Nobody still asks me if I'm pregnant

The Cons. It's not all roses. There IS a downside...

  1. Almost none of my clothes fit. I had to buy new clothes (and I thought this would only cost me three easy payments of $19.95!) I can't even wear my favorite belt, even after cutting off several inches and punching new holes. It's just too big (and now it's ugly).
  2. My fingers got thinner and when I was simply walking to my car, my wedding ring fell off and broke (it was made of polished stone, not metal).
  3. Now that I'm in shape, my wife expects me to do more projects around the house. I can no longer get off with the excuse "I'm just too tired" or "it's too heavy."

Of course, I'm (mostly) kidding about the cons. Besides, with the money that I'll save on life and health insurance (now that I've lost weight and lowered my cholesterol), I'll be able to pay for a whole new wardrobe and buy a new wedding ring (and maybe a new high-definition DVD player and big-screen TV to play my Power 90 videos on?).

I am SO glad that I ordered Power 90 and I will NEVER go back to being fat again!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Tony and Beachbody.com. You are a lifesaver.



Mike C.

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