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Marc writes:

I want to first start by saying the Power 90 program works, and I have recommended it to several friends. After seeing my progress, two friends and my brother will be starting the Beachbody.com program. I am a 30-year-old newlywed, and can attest to the fact of putting on the happy fat the first year of marriage. When I met my fiancée in August of 2001, I was in shape; I weighed 158 and worked out at least five days a week. When we became engaged, bought a house and planned our wedding, workouts were few and far between. We also both love to cook and enjoyed making new meals which were not the lowest in calories; as well as eating out often. Six months after the wedding, with the summer fast approaching, my wife and I looked at each other and said we need to do something about this. I wanted to get back in shape and my wife wanted to lose weight before becoming pregnant.

We saw a TV advertisement for Power 90 and thought it would be a good idea but didn't order right away. A few days later my wife came home and said I ordered that program we saw, we should have it by the end of the week, and we are starting on Sunday. So Sunday April 13, we weighed in, took our pictures and measurements. We were both very unhappy with the pictures and numbers in front of us and vowed to make this work. Over the next few weeks, we cut our calories and worked out daily with the tapes. My wife was having a harder time with the diet and workouts, but it helped that we were doing this together and supporting each other. Within weeks I could see results. At our 30 day check in I had lost 10 pounds and seven inches. The first month was pretty easy, we only had one holiday in there, and since we were doing it together we made it work. Around 45 days we advanced to the 3-4 routines, and that is when I really started dropping weight. At 60 days I had lost 22 pounds and 12 inches. People started noticing and commenting on my appearance.

I was surprised myself at the side-by-side pictures each time. I couldn't believe what I looked like before and how much weight I had gained. It got a little harder as summer approached with holidays, parties, and weekends away, but the pictures kept me motivated. During the last 30 days I had to ease up on the diet some as I was dropping too much weight, so I concentrated on increasing muscle mass at this time. I have just completed my 90th day, and lost a total of 30 pounds and 18 inches. I feel great and am very happy with my results. I will maintain the program by doing the cardio routine two-three times a week, and will work on increasing my muscle mass by working on circuit training. The only negative experience through this, if you can call it negative, was that I needed all new clothes.


Marc S.

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