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Louise writes:

Dear Beachbody,

I struggled with weight issues for half of my life. At 43 years of age, 5' 3" and 180 lbs, walking up our stairs was a problem. Even walking up half a set of stairs would take me several minutes to recover from. I felt very self-conscious, often avoiding social functions and NEVER looking in mirrors or windows as I passed by. Being active did not seem like a possibility.

One afternoon my daughter was watching television and started to watch an infomercial for the Power 90 program and called me in to see it. She said, "Mom, you should order this!" I sat down with her and watched, grabbed by the before and after photos and the testimonials. I knew that a combination of changes in eating habits and exercise would improve my health, but I had trouble getting motivated until I saw your program on TV and heard Tony Horton talk about the program. The sections of the workouts that were shown on the infomercial looked easy to follow, I knew I had nothing to lose so I walked to the phone and ordered the program. Within minutes I had changed my life!

I felt motivated and before the tapes arrived, I started shopping and eating healthier, preparing myself for the positive results I knew I could achieve with the help of Power 90. Nothing prepared me for the outstanding changes in my body, my mind and in my life! I will admit, the first workouts were hard to get through, but with Tony's energy and enthusiasm, I knew all I had to do was to "push play" and follow the program. I knew I could go at my own pace and quickly was able to keep up. I did not want to miss a day, taking that seventh day off was not by choice!

Beginning my days with Tony made me feel like I was doing something very important for myself. I read through all of the materials that came with the videos but could not bring myself to take a picture of the "before" me. I had spent so many years hiding behind other people, throwing out photos that made me look "fat". You can imagine how many I threw away, because I WAS fat!

I set some very reasonable goals, ten pounds at a time. I set the little colored pegs on my scale and was amazed at how fast I was able to move them out of the way and go for the next "10". I marked each day in the transformation tracker provided with the program. I felt so accomplished to be able to mark every day down, recording my success at the end of each week. Time seemed like it was moving very fast after starting the phase 3-4 tape and the changes in my body were more noticeable. I was getting compliments every day from the people at my daughter's school and at the local grocery store where I had shopped for 15 years. People were so amazed at my appearance, my energy and the bounce in my step!

I was one week away from finishing the series when I logged onto the Web site the first time. I was so amazed at the success stories, knowing that I had an incredible one to write myself! I finished my program in April, 2003. To date I have lost 43 pounds, 21 inches and have gone from a size 16 to a 6!!!!! I have great muscle tone and strength; I have never been in better shape or health. I was so motivated and energized, I ordered the Slim in 6 series and have been working with Debbie Siebers to further my progress. I see more definition and have found that I do not want to miss a day without the Slim and Limber tape. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of P90X!

Power 90 is a powerful tool. It helped me transform my body into something I used to dream about and now I'm living in! I see the infomercials frequently and want to jump up and into the TV to shout about how well the program work. I find myself smiling/crying knowing that I have succeeded and that more people will be getting motivated to make healthy changes and feel as incredible as I do!

I no longer avoid social functions, I enjoy having my picture taken, and I can easily "bounce" stairs without a huff or a puff. I no longer struggle with my weight, only, which Beachbody tape to use and the choice of what size six pair of pants or shorts to wear!

Thanks to Tony, Debbie and everyone who was involved in creating the programs at Beachbody, I am a customer for life,

Louise B.

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