2003 Hawaii Trip


Lloyd writes:

Dear Tony and Beachbody staff, Well, I guess I'm one of the "average guys" the Beachbody program is designed for--and yes, it does work! I made a New Year's "new body" promise to myself and faithfully followed Tony's DVD cardio/sculpt/abs routines. My biggest motivator: a beach vacation with family the third week of March. I wanted to look my best ever for that once-in-a-lifetime event which fit exactly into 90 days of discipline and hard work.

I want you to know at 15% body fat (the lowest ever in my adult life) and a trim 163lbs, I turned a lot of heads each and every time I jogged proudly along the beach wearing nothing but white gym shorts and a tan! You don't know how awesome that felt! And the real "kicker"? At age 62, I finally had a set of abs--a real "six pack." No matter what I had tried before Beachbody, no other exercise method ever gave me sculpted abs.

The course is worth every cent I spent and every drop of sweat I invested. And I have to say Tony is the primary reason for my success. Our personalities just "clicked," so I missed very few sessions in front of the television. Tony is still the personal trainer at my house, and he reminds me again and again to breathe, bend my knees, protect my back, laugh, sweat, do my best, and take a break if I need to.

I thank all of you for a promise made, now a promise kept! To me, you're all awesome!

It tickles me to send along my photos as well as measurements/statistics that trace my progress from January 2 - March 28, 2003.

-- Lloyd T.

P. S. I've had to explain to friends and family just exactly what the Beachbody program is because they want to know what I did to look so great. It's easy and fun to tell them because I'm like a little kid with a new toy—a new body!

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