2003 Hawaii Trip


Lisa writes:

I first need to thank my husband for doing this program with me. There was a time when staying in shape was a high priority in my life. Unfortunately, the last few years it lost its rating. You would think that your wedding would be enough inspiration to get back in shape, but between buying a house and planning a wedding those eight months flew by and weeks before the wedding I realized I wasn't getting in shape for the big day. Since we were going to Italy on our honeymoon, I wasn't worried about many bathing suit days. So it didn't become a concern of mine. When we got back, the holidays set in and then life settled down, six months later I was disgusted with my weight and appearance. I didn't feel attractive and dreaded getting pregnant and gaining more weight. I have a gym membership and go regularly along with doing Yoga several times a week, but I know I wasn't pushing myself hard enough, and I was also eating whatever I wanted. In April, I said to Marc I need to do something, and I need your help. We decided to order the program and do it together. I probably would have quit after week two if it weren't for his support. It was hard for me, I love snacking, and getting up some mornings to work out just doesn't happen. But with Marc encouraging me I got through it. I would get frustrated and annoyed that he was losing so much weight and I was struggling, but after the first 40 days I started to see a difference and basically lost I pound a week. By Day 60 I was happy and felt it was working. I must admit that I wasn't as diligent as Marc with the workouts or diet, but I did my best.

On day 90 I reached my goal and lost a total of 15 pounds and 9.5 inches and went from a size six to a size two. I was extremely happy and grateful for all the compliments I received from friends and family. It was a good feeling. I hope to be pregnant in the next few months and am thrilled to be starting out a healthy weight. I feel so much better, and my Yoga practice has improved greatly. I know I will always struggle with my weight and that I need a constant maintenance program and I must always strive to eat a healthy diet. There will always be days that you cheat, or times you just don't feel like working out, but overall I realize it is something I need to work at all the time. This program showed me how to do it and that I can do it and can be happy doing it. Thanks Power 90.



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