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2003 Hawaii Trip


Kirkland writes:

My name is KC. I'm 43, married, and the father of four children. I've exercised fairly faithfully since my high school years, but have steadily gained weight despite being active (probably due to my junk food addiction).

My wife Traci approached me near the end of March and told me she had ordered an infomercial exercise/nutrition program. She asked if I would be interested in doing it along with her, and I said "sure". I really began Power 90 thinking we'd dabble with it and fall away (hopefully long enough so that I could lose my mid-section). The first 2 ½ weeks were tough for my carb-starved body, primarily from eating from the top 2 tires of Power 90's Michi's Ladder. Also, although I ran distance for exercise, my ego and mental toughness were greatly challenged by the Power 90 cardio and sculpt workouts. Tony suffered my wrath during many of my early workouts!

After the initial 2 ½ weeks, my metabolism began to adjust to eating nutritionally; for the first time in my life, I was no longer suffering from energy lows and fatigue! Also, I felt my body begin to respond to the Power 90 sculpt and cardio workouts and looked forward to moving to the next Power 90 workout level.

90 days later, thinking I only had my mid-section to lose, I am 22 pounds lighter (my high school weight), I've lost 5" in my waist, and 5 ½" in my "spare tire" region!

What I initially went into begrudgingly, as temporary, has become a lifestyle change. Power 90 is so much more than I imagined; it is an awesome exercise and nutritional program! Thanks Power 90!


KC Morrow

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