Joseph S.

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2003 Hawaii Trip


Joseph writes:

With my 45th birthday looming on the horizon I became more and more dissatisfied with my appearance. I hated the way I looked with my shirt off and my belly was becoming terribly noticeable with my shirt on. I have three brothers who are all trim and muscular and when we got together, I couldn't help but feel like the odd-man-out.

When I saw the Power 90 infomercial on TV that night, somehow I knew it was the right plan for me. The thing I liked the most about it was that it didn't look too good to be true. It looked like a great plan/guide; exercise/diet and it looked like something I could do. So I ordered the Power 90 plan and the supplements and the resistance bands and committed myself 100%. The diet guide and Michi's Ladder were exactly what I needed to whip my eating habits into shape. I made time for my workouts and ignored every excuse I came up with not to work out. I noticed results after the first month in stamina and strength. Especially the number of push-ups I could do. As I progressed to the heavier bands and the level 3-4 video, other people were noticing my progress. How satisfying! My waistline went from 35" to 30", before I knew it I had lost over 40 lbs, and I had muscles! My energy level was higher, I was sleeping better, and the chronic aches I had been having were gone.

I've never felt better about myself and I love the way I look without my shirt on. The eating habits I've developed are normal for me now, and I wouldn't think of stopping my workouts!

Thank you Power 90,

Joseph S.

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