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2003 Hawaii Trip



John & Suzanne write:

In January 2003, my wife and I were sitting down on the couch, slouching like a pair of lazy bums, flipping through TV channels. Suddenly, we saw this "infomercial" for Beachbody. We stood up and leaned forward towards the TV in order to read the closed caption scrolling up on the bottom. You see, my wife and I are deaf!

My wife and I have been married 11 years and have two children. Throughout our lives, we have experienced numerous communication barriers. We have failed in so many things and in so many ways that we are sometimes afraid to try new ideas. With the support of our families to always keep trying and never give up, we have done well in finding our way around life's challenges and becoming successful individuals. Our persistence always seems to get us back on our feet and accomplishing our goals.

We now found ourselves drawn to the Beachbody infomercial because we knew we were overweight. For the first time, we clearly understood the information due to the closed caption provided by the Beachbody infomercial. I got up and called immediately with the assistance of a relay service for the deaf. They assisted me in talking to the Beachbody consumer service. Through my TDD (telecommunication device phone), I communicated three ways with Relay, BB consumer service, and myself. I asked the Consumer Service if the program was available in closed caption so that my wife and I could follow Tony's instructions. They commented that they did not know. So, we took our chances and ordered the Power 90 program. Several weeks later, the Power 90 DVD arrived and thankfully it was indeed closed caption. We were delighted! Our only regret was that we didn't start the program earlier in the year. We had put off begining Power 90 till March 2003!

As I said, I was born deaf. I attended public school, a deaf residential school, and later graduated from college. Currently, I work as a regional specialist for the deaf and hard of hearing. I grew up and shared both the hearing and deaf worlds. I was functioning just like everyone else around me, except I could not hear. My biggest problem in life was not my lack of hearing, but the weight I had gained over the years. My blood pressure was dangerously high and I have a heart condition. Sadly, my father passed away from heart disease last summer. My feet hurt all the time when I did work around the house or in the yard. I found myself being lazy and eating most of my days away. My lifestyle was to rent movies and eat late night snacks of chips, candies, and cokes. My daily eating habits also included fried foods, fast foods, pizza, and six-eight bottles of soda per day! I knew what kind of condition I was heading towards, but I was scared to give up my favorite foods and focus on a healthier way of life.

In late March of 2003, I had finally had enough of what I was doing to myself! I was tired of people calling out my "beer belly" when I only drank an occasional beer. Now, I was looking at Tony on the Beachbody infomercial and I was impressed by his image. I wanted to be like him...but I could not because I am me!! I have to do this for me...not for my kids...not for my wife...not for my family. I must lose the weight for myself! No more FAT JOKES with my friends. I want to make skinny jokes and be proud of it. No more oversized clothes to HIDE my body on outings and trips to the beach and pool. No more EMBARRASSMENT of my body!

My wife, Suzanne is also deaf. She too attended a public school and graduated from a hearing High School. She has worked for one of the top insurance companies in the world for over 16 years. In the hearing world, she faces her own barriers, but accomplishes her work very well. My wife is an avid softball player. She has played in both hearing and deaf leagues for many years. She retired playing in the deaf league in the summer of 2001. Over the next two years, Suzanne gained weight due to her lack of athleticism. My wife is a picky eater, but she was bad about choosing the wrong kinds of food. Chocolate, fried foods and sodas were her weakness!! When she ate, I ate. When I ate, she ate. Suzanne was finally tired of feeling badly about the way she looked.

As we began the Power 90 program, I hit off chatting with people online in the Beachbody chat room. I was surprised that I could find so much support and information from other people in the chat room. I could never get all this information and support from group therapy or other diet organizations because of the communication barriers. Could we get this type of information from LISTENING? I'm deaf and so is my wife. Talking through a chat room really enhanced our understanding of what we needed to do!! It's awesome to find people who are very caring and supportive. Day by day, bit-by-bit, and our lives have moved closer to the right path. For the first time, we can go online and receive assistance. Not only that, we can help others too. It's great!

So, together, we got on the ball and started the program called Power 90. On Day One, Suzanne at 5'7", weighted 147 lbs. and she wore size 10 clothing. At 5'11", I weighed 225 lbs and wore size 36 pants. My wife and I had to struggle to squeeze our bellies into our tight clothing. I always have a hard time tying my shoes! This was a horrible feeling! Well, we squished into our exercise clothes and pushed play on the DVD player. Boy! We were exhausted after the first workout, but we felt good on Day One! We learned to focus on one day at a time because we knew we had to succeed in order to get a good transformation. Our simple rule was to make a small goal for each month and take our Activit and Performance Formula supplements daily. Each 30 days, we set our goal to reach an additional 30 days of Power 90. With every workout, we improved. If you don't do it, you will never see the good results you desire. So the key is "to work everyday, little by little, to achieve a transformation that will last a lifetime!"

As a result of our efforts, Suzanne weighs 125 lbs. and wears size six clothing. She has lost a total of 22 lbs. of fat and 20 inches! I weigh 182 lbs. and now wear a size 32 pants! I have lost an amazing 43 lbs. of fat! As a team, we lost a total of 65 lbs. of fat and 44 inches! My wife made the All-Star Deaf Regional Softball team at the age of 39 in July 2003 and she went to the Deaf National Softball Championship in Florida in August 2003! Power 90 really enhanced her athleticism. I'm happy to say that my blood pressure is consistently normal and my feet no longer hurt! We are now entering our second round of the Power 90 program. Best of all, we have real muscles to show our friends!

Many of our deaf and hearing friends are curious as to how we were able to accomplish our goals in only 90 days. Due to your closed caption and helpful website, many of our deaf friends are eager to try the program. Our success encouraged two of our closest friends to try Power 90 also. In a few short weeks, they have lost a total of 30 lbs together. Now, more of our friends are ordering the program. We knew through the use of sign language, we could inform our friends on what they needed to know about Power 90 and Beachbody. We could love to see a deaf person in your infomercial to expose this wonderful program to the deaf and hard of hearing communities throughout the country! Suzanne and I have overcome one of the most difficult barriers in our lives, being overweight. Without the closed caption provided by your program, I don't think we would be sharing our success with you today. Thanks to Power 90 and the staff for making possible our transformation to a healthier, Beachbody lifestyle!

With love,

John and Suzanne

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