2003 Hawaii Trip


James writes:

I've been in the military since I was 17. It's been a colorful career. First, I was enlisted for eight years in the Navy but for the past 10 years, I've been in the Air Force. Nearly all of that time I've been a single parent. Raising a child and juggling the requirements of service where the core values are 'service before self' is no easy task and many times the sacrifices are high. One of those is the luxury of gym time. In between my stint in the Navy and Air Force, I got out to finish my first degree. I was working as a corrections officer at a regional corrections facility. If ever there was a time in my life to be in good shape it should have been then. What served then was just looking big and I reached my max weight of 205. I went from 165 to 205 in just eight years. It seemed hard to believe at the time. When I finished my degree, I wanted to go back into the military and get my commission. I had one problem. In order to do so, I had to drop 30 lbs in just six weeks. If only Power 90 had been around then, I could've put my 'kiddies' to bed and had all night to work out in the dayroom while they slept. I made that weight requirement but I'd rather not say how that was accomplished but it was extremely unhealthy and I looked both gaunt and wrungout and this was only exacerbated by the lack of time to workout properly so that my skin and muscles adjusted with exercise.

What followed was the time I needed to get into the best physical and mental shape of my life. I spent four months at Officer Training School and by the time I finished I was in the best shape of my life. [I must say however....that shape doesn't compare to my shape after Power 90. WOW! I never thought this shape was achievable and I'm nowhere near done with this program.] I vowed I would never let myself go again. I didn't think I had either. I've been a runner these last 10 years from 3-4.5 miles a day with pushups/pull-ups before each run. But let me tell you, exercise isn't all you have to do. You can't run and workout and then use that to justify a jumbo meal at the local fast food restaurant and then do that again for dinner every night and expect to stay in shape...even with the diet soda. So there I was.... slowly creeping back up the scale. It was SO SUBTLE...I just got used to how I looked and while I looked fine in the uniform and no one ever said anything, I was getting out of shape. I wasn't even able to run six miles on a great sunny day.

Like everyone, I wanted to look better and lose weight. Everyone thought I looked fine but clothes hide a lot and I wasn't happy with where everything fell when I wasn't holding it in. So I saw the P90 infomercial. Like most infomercials, I quickly scanned past the channel but thankfully, Beachbody broadcasts multiple times, realizing that it'll take those of us that have been burnt by past ethereal promises several times catching the infomercial at various points in the broadcast to catch on. This is not a magic anything....this is a promise of hard work and proven guidance. When I realized this I was excited. This is what I couldn't get in the gym with my expensive membership. This is what I couldn't afford to pay someone each month for the one-time cost of having this forever. And this was the culmination of years of study and proven success that I couldn't wait for. Still, I was skeptical when it mentioned....'this is a supplement-assisted workout'.... I was like 'there it is.... the catch'. So, I patiently ordered and bypassed all the questions regarding which supplements I wanted to order with my P90. I said I'd wait and see if the program worked first. Let them prove themselves before I buy the entire store like so many of us have in the past.

By the end of week one I was exhausted. I couldn't understand...I'm a runner...I workout...I'm strong...why is this kicking my butt in the sore spots. So I broke down and ordered the Performance Formula. By the end of week two I was struggling hard on energy and I was checking the mailbox everyday with hope. It arrived by day five of week three...a point of total exhaustion and little hope of seeing the next morning much less day six and on. I took it and I blasted through the workout with energy to burn. I was like...'what the heck just happened?' I was able to do more, do it better, and do it LONGER, than anytime I'd tried. Recovery and soreness were still a little bothersome so I ordered the Strength and Muscle formula and the Activit Vitamins based on the trust Beachbody products had built in me. The recovery and energy for the next day proved true as well and I haven't looked back since. I love my workouts and I love that I can do this everyday.

The best part is two-fold. Yes, I wanted to lose weight, look good, turn heads, have a six-pack which I thought was genetically impossible, but I started this hurting. I had major back problems in the L3 and 4 and was on pain meds. I started having to make small compensations, tearing up at times...haha, I was inflexible, I never stretched before, and on bad days....I had my son tie my shoes. I've measured the success the same way everyone else has throughout this program with one exception. I've measured my flexibility as a major milestone. At the end of the workouts when Tony says..."you don't have to keep up with us...we're just having some fun." I reply mentally...."but I did.... and in some cases...I did it better than the kids. haha" [uh...that's not a challenge. hehe] When Tony says...."ohhhh, go all the way down....HOW GOOD DOES THAT FEEL?" As I stand with my legs spread impossibly far and my hands flat on the floor stretching farther than I ever imagined. When I grab my ankles or reach past my toes on the calf and hamstring stretch... When I roll over in the middle of the night and I don't have to be concerned that I'm going to hurt myself and be unable to tie my shoes in the a.m.? That's cool! I feel in AWESOME shape and getting better daily and I feel flexible.

Ok...the second part is just as cool. My 16-year-old son, who used to beg to bunk with me like a nightly sleepover but now can't sit at the same table half the time for shear embarrassment to his 'cool points'. The boy who has been begging me to drop him off a block away from any social function for fear that someone will see me with him. The smart alec that generally tries to cut me in public, but in his defense loves me openly in private, has not stopped bragging about me anytime someone brings up that I've lost weight or am looking good. He starts right in..."Yeah, he's been doing Power 90 and he looks great...you should see his abs...I wish I had his abs and chest...he's all cut up." Imagine my surprise when taking the pics, he's now directing this little photo shoot on best lighting and such. He has really said some amazing and complimentary things; totally unsolicited observations that give me hope that he will indeed survive to see his 17th birthday.

Much thanks and appreciation to Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon for knowing that leadership comes by example. We trusted you because you did it first! Thanks to your staff for great supplements to help us achieve our goals. But I gotta give a great Texas howdy to my main man....Tony Horton! You are funny and you obviously care about people. Not only are you passionate about helping people reach their goals but you've involved yourself in our lives as well. Thanks for developing this program and uh....I'm waiting for P90X...until then, can you say ROUND 2?

James F.

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