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2003 Hollywood Trip


I would like to let you know that I am very pleased with my results. I have done numerous exercise/ diet plans and I have never had the incredible results that I had with this exercise plan. The reason why I had ordered this product was because I had just given birth to my third child. My newborn was six weeks old at the time I started Slim in 6 and I had gained an extra 70lbs. Congratulations on your very successful exercise program.

When I started Slim in 6, my weight was 151 lbs.

I will honestly tell you the truth, I was very skeptical in ordering this program at the beginning. I thought I was going to waste my money once again. But, I gave it a try anyway. You would never know unless you try it first, my husband said. When the package arrived I immediately started working out and trying to keep up with the exercise video. I really found these videos easy to follow. I followed this program to the T from the meal plans to the exercise plans and the Vitamins/Sliming Formula. I was so dedicated that I even woke up at 5:00am to work out. I had so much energy it was amazing from having a newborn baby, a 2 year old, 13 year old and working a full time. I did not sleep due to my newborn waking up all hours of the night, I still was not tired at all.

I was scared to weigh myself, so I waited until the third week to climb on that scale. I was very disappointed, I did not lose any weight, actually I gained three pounds. I was about to quit and my husband sat with me and told me that I am gaining muscle now and that shortly I was going to start losing fat. I went into your Internet web page and wrote all of my sorrows out to see if anyone was listening. I was very surprised that Debbie herself wrote back to me explaining the reason why I was gaining weight and to hang on - that I will start noticing the difference sooner than I thought. She really motivated me to continue. It was just like she said within one week I just started dropping weight and inches like crazy.

My shoe size dropped one size my rings that I always have worn for approximately 15 years kept on sliding off my fingers. I could not believe my eyes. Before my last pregnancy I was skinny but this was totally different I went back to size 1, when I was in jr. high. I could not explain, I was heavier by weight, But looked skinnier than I did before my pregnancy, ( I just couldn’t explain it to anyone.)All I said to everyone was I was a size 5-6, if they only knew I weighed 141lbs., they would think that was impossible. I had to get rid of all the clothes in my closet and buy new ones. Now I am a size "0". I could not believe I would ever reach that size, feel great and have ripped muscles all over.

I continue with the meal plan and exercise every day with one day off until the last day of my workout. I shed tears of happiness the last day after finishing my workout. I was so happy and amazed about my results that I am still on this program as we speak. I am considering this program as we speak . I am considering this program not to be a diet plan but a new way of living. I still work out four times a week and eat the right foods.

Now I Weigh 120lbs. And I am smaller than a size "0".

I have sent your Company some new clients, I am known to be a walking infomercial for Slim in 6, to all my friends.

Ivette R.

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