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Dawn writes:

My Beachbody story starts the same as everyone else's...I was tired of being overweight and out of shape.

My husband had seen the Power 90 infomercial and was impressed enough to order it. He found the time to get to the gym a couple of days a week since he had a heart attack two years ago. The Power 90 appealed to him as he was looking for something to push him a little harder. I fumbled through my busy life while he "pushed play" every day, and after three weeks I took a good look and noticed his changes.

Now MY story...I work a full time job and have a small catering business on the side and tie that in with being a girl scout leader and a member of the PTA, etc. My "free" time is quite limited. My husband works nights but with our daughter in school during the day he has more freedom to take care of himself. That was my mind set anyway...I would get home from work, relieve the babysitter and be with my daughter until waking the next morning to do it all over again. Hardly time to go the gym (yuk!!) and even if I was motivated I preferred to spend my time with my daughter, not an aerobics instructor!!

I had always been kind of curvy and never thought much of exercise. After my daughter was born in 1996, I stayed home from full time work for almost a year. I had the time to take care of myself and lost most of my "baby weight". When I went back full time I put myself on the back burner, preparing baby food from scratch, making my husband's meals to take to work and mostly just scraping by for myself. There is diabetes in my family and I tend to be hypoglycemic so carbohydrates are my natural enemy. I knew that spending a little time on myself was all I needed but I kept putting it off, thinking to myself "I can do it anytime, losing weight will be easy". I somehow gained back the baby weight and more...

Well, today is yesterday's tomorrow and so on and so on. My husband's progress motivated me. He would not dare say how terrible I looked, so he only intimated that I should do the program with him...I hadn't responded and he didn't push me. Then it happened!! I wanted to look good again! I told my husband I was interested and wanted to do the program.

The before and after photos...well, about those. I didn't want to pose. I knew how terrible I looked and didn't want to have proof for posterity or any other reason. In fact, I had become quite skilled at avoiding cameras altogether over the past few years!! I declined to pose; knowing that my husband would see the photos and while he obviously knew how I looked I suppose it was painful for me to see. I also didn't want to make a commitment that I wasn't sure I could keep. I guess if I didn't commit to photos and measurements and public display then I couldn't fail as miserably!!! It isn't that I didn't have faith in myself...well, maybe it was. I did take my measurements myself and kept them tucked away. I knew how fat I was so any progress would be an improvement. Our bathroom scale was inaccurate but I had an idea of my weight.

My first day was a Sunday. I was self-conscious but my husband put the first DVD in the player and pressed play and VOILA!!! It didn't work...whatta ya mean it doesn't work??? I want it to work!! I am wearing shorts and a tee shirt and I want to get physically fit!! Something was wrong with the DVD, my husband got through to Beachbody and they said they'd send a new DVD and we should get it in a few days. I was devastated. What's the big deal? I don't know, I had mentally prepared myself to start and for people, who know me, the word might be "stubborn" but I prefer "tenacious" (has a more positive spin, doesn't it?). I had an idea! Start me on the 3-4 DVD and I'll try to keep up, get myself started and keep that initial motivation level up. So I did. We got the new DVD later that week and I popped 1-2 into the player and started to workout and felt quite honestly that I could keep up with 3-4 comfortably. Why take a step backwards? By the way, I determined that "time" wasn't a factor in my life, but that "opportunity" was the culprit!!! My husband still works nights and doesn't get home until after midnight. I still get home from work, relieve the babysitter, make dinner, do chores, homework with my daughter, grocery shopping, whatever...After I put my daughter to bed I tie up some loose ends and start the DVD at 10PM. I did it the first week. I did it the second week; I did it the third week. I just kept doing it! I knew now that there were no real excuses and that a day goes by whether you are making the most out of it or not. I took the opportunity whether it was 9PM, 10PM, even as late as midnight. It would have been easy to skip a day, but what would be the point? Who would lose out?

After three weeks I started getting compliments. We got a new scale and comparing it to the old one it seemed I had lost about seven pounds. The numbers didn't even matter. I sort of thought I could see a difference but didn't want to get too excited. A few more weeks passed by, I was really losing weight!!  I pulled out my measurements from my clever hiding spot and saw I had lost inches!! I looked in the mirror and I had lost that sad look in my eyes!!

I hit day 90 on Independence Day (7/4/03) and my cumulative totals at that point were 40+ pounds and my inches lost totaled at 22+.

Beyond that I have gone through many wardrobe changes. I went back to my "skinny clothes" and they got too big!! I Bought some new stuff and they got too big!! I had some brand new hand-me-downs from a friend... too big!! I am striving for another 10-pound loss before I make anymore clothing decisions, but the weather being what it is right now makes it possible to get by.

Well, my husband is floored, my family is floored, co-workers are floored. My results are amazing, I pat myself on the back and I thank you for making it a challenge. Not too difficult to bear but not too easy! I wish now that I had taken "before" photos (well, not really...) but we were able to dig one up. My husband and I had gone away for a three-day weekend without our daughter in November and I wanted to leave her a photo of each of us. I made a sign ("I Love You") and printed it up for her to have while we were away. It was the "best" (of the worst!!) shot we could find of me as I had hidden from the cameras for quite a while (you understand why now!!). My goofy husband altered the sign for your amusement.

So, Power 90 changed my life! ... Not bad for someone who has never even seen your infomercial!! I have found myself coaching others who wish to be like me!!! I have my Mom working out now. After three weeks she has lost 11 pounds!! She's excited and feels great! Is there room on your staff for me?

I know I did all the work but I suppose I wouldn't have done it without your program, the DVD and that silly man, Tony Horton. So, thank you for helping me change my life!


Dawn L. B.

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