2003 Hawaii Trip


David writes:

I am unable to pinpoint exactly when it happened; but somewhere between being an active athlete and a working husband, I gave up on myself. After meeting the woman of my dreams and getting married in 1999, I just started to "let myself go." I stopped training and began eating as if our honeymoon never ended.

I started developing severe headaches and I was shocked when an MRI found a three-inch tumor growing beneath my skull and resting directly on my brain.

In October, 2000, a four-hour craniotomy removed the growth leaving me with a disfiguring scar and mentally defeated. Over the course of the next year of healing I was depressed and continued the assault on my physical body ballooning up to an all-time high of 247 pounds. I justified my laziness and overindulgence as stress-related, self-pity and was paving a path to self-destruction.

A follow-up medical exam in 2002 coincidentally found another growth, this time in my sinus. Routine sinus surgery was scheduled but there were severe complications and I contracted meningitis. Hospitalized for almost a month on intravenous antibiotics I missed the joy of the birth of my first child, my son Lucas.

The meningitis and the drugs themselves ravaged my already unhealthy and overweight body. One night, while flipping through the channels in my normal "fat walrus" pose lying on the couch, I saw Tony Horton and the Beachbody advertisement for Power 90. That instant, in my weary insomniac state, my whole life changed.

I saw my old self in the smiles of the success stories on that commercial. More importantly, visions of my new baby boy flashed before me. I thought: "I have more to take care of than just myself now, I have my wife and son and they need me living long and healthy." For the first time I realized that what I had done to my body was not only self-destructive, but also selfish at the same time. Admittedly, I did go through a lot with my poor health, but in retrospect I was using that as a crutch to justify my bad habits. Half asleep and almost in a trance, I picked up the phone, and ordered Power 90.

The next morning I told my wife and she thought I seemed happier already. I waited anxiously, like a kid before Christmas, for Power 90 to arrive; when it came, I started training minutes after opening the box. Many aspects of the regimen were new to me, particularly the yoga and aerobics, but it felt great to sweat and get sore and be a part of a "team" again.

90 days later a better man emerged, a better husband and father because I was happy and so proud of myself. I lost 47 pounds in those first 90 days and overall I am now down 70 pounds. I may weigh a lot less now, but in many ways I am more than I ever was. In this case less truly is more! This program saved my life in many ways and I will be thankful forever.

Put me on the top of the list for P90X...I cannot wait!!!

David K. P.

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