2003 Hawaii Trip


Clark writes:

I decided this past Christmas (2002) that I was tired of looking at myself in the mirror and being disgusted, embarrassed... ASHAMED that I was an active duty Army NCO who had let myself get so out of shape! It was right then and there that I made the commitment to do something about it. I ordered the Power 90 DVDs, vowed to lose some MAD weight before starting the program, and educated myself on the reasons why I was overweight (lack of exercise due to developing heel spurs and not being able to run the 7-8 miles every morning I was used to running, very poor eating habits and food choices, eating only 2 HUGE meals everyday, i.e. lunch and a LATE dinner, my addiction to Coca-Cola, 5-6 hours of sleep a night, a compulsive fast-food eater, etc.).

I made note of the things I would completely erase versus the things I would cut back on. Go figure I ended up eradicating virtually my ENTIRE daily regimen! I knew I was going to Las Vegas on the 14th of January so I gave myself "one last hoorah" there devouring every buffet morsel in sight for those 4 days. Then it was time to go to work!

I started the Atkins 14 day induction diet that following Monday and in less than three weeks I had dropped 12lbs!!! Now that the top layer of fat was off, I began the Power 90 workouts on the 10th of February and quickly thereafter switched from the Atkins to Michi's Ladder because it just made more sense and it definitely had more food choices (fruits, veggies, bread, rice, etc.) I ended up losing a total of 33.5 pounds and 16.5 inches, strictly adhering to what Beachbody.com has recommended. I "Pushed Play" six days a week, being careful to mirror Tony's form as much as humanly possible. I try my absolute best to stay in the top two or three tiers of Michi's Ladder. Yeah, who DOES like tofu and bean sprouts? But there are enough other foods from Michi's list I like that satisfy my hunger. And that's another point, I don't LIVE for food as I used to. I eat until I'm not hungry, trying my best to control those portions. I drink TONS of water and try to keep busy doing other things so I don't start salivating over that Pizza Hut or Taco Bell commercial! It had been almost three months since I visited a fast food place until just the other day when I checked out that Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sub from Subway one of my February Newbies 2003 buddies had tempted me with. I haven't had a regular Coke in over three months now. The main thing I'm trying to say here is you must maintain discipline if you want to see the metamorphosis! PERIOD!!! I've done my best to stay in the upper parts of Michi's, although it hasn't hurt me the times I've dipped into tier four (OK, even tier five a couple of times!). ANYONE who is fed up with his or her present physique or fitness level can do this!!! Seeing the fat melt away, coupled with the incredible support in my Febbers Group and Coach Brice's thread, as well as visiting the chat room on an almost daily basis, kept me on track, motivated and more determined than EVER BEFORE to make my goals a reality. It's a structurally sound LIFESTYLE CHANGE, easy to follow, and very rewarding. But I will reiterate, YA GOTTA HAVE THE DISCIPLINE AND DESIRE to do it! No cheating, no sleeping in later instead of PP'ing, and controlling your portion sizes.

After YEARS of fighting with my weight (even as an active 82nd Airborne Division paratrooper and Gulf War vet), I've FINALLY found a proven program and sensible eating plan that, WORKS! I would highly recommend this Power 90 program to any and all fellow military members - soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen - as a way to improve their fitness levels AND improve their semi-annual physical fitness tests!

Thanks to Tony Horton and all the Beachbody.com folks for showing me the way! You've made a customer for life. I couldn't be happier!!! P90X? BRING IT ON!!!


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