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2003 Hawaii Trip


Christine writes:

My husband and I recently finished the Power 90 program and we are thrilled with our results. Prior to doing the program I found I was always tired and felt bad about my appearance. I have always tried to take weight off and maintain a regular exercise routine, however, I could never stick with it.

My husband saw the infomercial on television one night and ordered it.

I thought it would be another one of those sure things we would purchase and never use like so many other programs and videos we tried. I have done a lot of aerobics and weight training over the years and I have found the Power 90 DVD to be challenging and fun. My husband and I worked out an eating plan and faithfully exercised with the DVD every night alternating the weights and cardio. At first the eating routine was hard since I love to eat, but as the weeks went by I realized I was eating good foods and more often so I was not as hungry. After only one month my husband and I saw dramatic results not only in our weight but also in our bodies. I have more definition in my arms and abdominals now then I did from doing weights.

I really like the DVD especially the weight training with the push up routines since they help develop upper body strength as well as arms, shoulders and pecs.

After we finished the program we could not believe our results. I think my husband looks great. He has lost a lot of weight and his body has a lot of definition. I started out the program weighing 134 lbs. and I now weigh 112 lbs. This is the lowest I have ever weighed. I was in a size 9/10 and I am now a size 4/6. I feel great....I have more energy... and I LOVE SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES......IT FEELS GREAT.

All of our friends have complimented us on how good we look and want to know how we did it. We tell everyone about Power 90 because we truly believe in it. This program is the ONE BEST thing we did for ourselves. We both have a new attitude about life and ourselves in general. It is great to feel good and look good.

I am 40-years-old and I feel better now than I did 10 years ago. My husband and I have enjoyed doing this program and I am glad we did it together. Sometimes in our hectic lives it is hard to find time to do things together. This program helped us to find the extra time and helped us to get into a healthier lifestyle. I also feel by doing the Power 90 together we were a support team for each other. There were some days when one of us didn't feel like exercising or times I wanted to binge out on pizza and chips and my husband would keep me on track. Later I was glad I did the exercise and did not eat the junk food. We now both have very good eating habits and are exercising on a regular basis and enjoying life and staying HEALTHY.



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