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2003 Hawaii Trip


Brenda writes:


Today I finished my 90 days of the Power 90 program. How was I to know when I started this program that not only was it going to whip me into the best shape of my life but it was going to open doors for me to a whole new lifestyle?

Being thin for the first 38 years of my life, I never had to worry about what I ate, so I didn't. I could have lived on a diet of bologna and cheese sandwiches, barbequed fritos and a Pepsi. Follow that with a little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll for dessert and I was happy. Even though I looked fine on the outside, can you imagine what was coursing through my veins?

At 38, I quit smoking and started putting on a little weight here and a little weight the time I turned 40, I knew I was headed for trouble. So I started to run. The problem was the more I ran, the hungrier I got, the hungrier I got, the more I ate. The weight continued to add on. Out of desperation, I started with every pill known to man. I knew there was a pill out there that could take care of the weight for me, I just had to find it. I was throwing money away left and right looking for the that little magic pill. Most of them I couldn't take...I'd get heart palpitations and throw the darned things away, some made me physically ill. The ones I could take surprisingly enough, didn't work.

By 43, I weighed more than I did during both of my pregnancies. I had gone from a trim 114 to a chunky 143. I was up almost 30 pounds in less than six years. Then I saw the infomercial for the Beachbody Power 90 program. It just made what you eat...lose weight...tone and tighten. No magic pills, supplements yes, but not even necessary to achieve results. I figured what was $60.00 more? After all the money I had already thrown at my little problem, what was a few more dollars? And, I could always send the program back in 30 days if I didn't like it, I could even get my money back. Only problem was ............I LOVED IT!

I loved having Tony and the kids in my family room six days a week. I loved the way that when I waved my arms, they were losing their jiggle. I loved that for the first time in years, I had muscle definition in those no longer jiggly arms. I loved the way that my bottom was no longer heading for the back of my knees. I also loved the fact that for the first time in years the rolls of fat on my back were finally melting away. I loved the fact that everyone started asking me "Are you sucking in?". I loved the way my husband started looking at me and going "I can't believe how good you look!". I loved the way that I felt every single day, so strong and so healthy. I loved waking up in the morning and knowing that today I was going to take an hour out of my day and do something good for myself. I was doing it, the weight was finally going away but even better than the weight loss was the firming and toning. Losing almost 14 inches was something to be really proud of.

I loved the fact that today I can do 186 push-ups when on my first day I only did fifteen. I love the fact that my 3 and 5-pound weight feel like NOTHING. Give me those 10 and 12 pounders....I want to feel the burn. I love the fact that I took the TH top 200 abs tape and turned it into the abs 300 and eventually moved it to the abs 400. I love the fact that I've turned into the strong healthy, happy, slender (my mantra, my goal) woman who feels capable of pretty much anything.

I loved the new friends I made in my support groups.... I could have completed the journey without them but it would not have been nearly as enjoyable. I loved looking at the Before and After Gallery pictures, especially Madmack and Paintchick. At first, I thought....that can't be true...then people from the boards, who I had been talking with the whole time would post their pictures and they were doing it too. They were losing weight and toning their bodies...Real people, who I knew from the message boards were turning their bodies into completely different shapes. Some of them went gangbusters and the transformation was truly incredible. Others, like myself were slow and steady but working towards their goals and transforming themselves along the way. Real people becoming beach bodies. How cool was that?

I love that I am now truly interested in anything nutritional. I love that I'm considering going back to school to become a dietician because I truly have enjoyed motivating others on the message boards. I love that I have become involved with a company that actually cares about the people who are doing their programs. I love that there is a Tony Horton motivational thread going on the message boards, along with his own question and answer session helping people along on their journey. I love that you never know when the wonderful people of admin are going to insert something inspirational or caring. I love the fact that if you ask a questions the Fitness Advisor will probably answer you and if he doesn't someone else will.

Dear Beachbody - I LOVE IT ALL! Thank you for entering my life!

Brenda B. -Power 90 grad April of 2002

PS - I love that now I get to move onto an entirely new Beachbody program (Slim in 6) and that when I finish that one, I know that you will have something new for me!

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