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Brad writes:

My name is Bradley. I am 37-years-old and completed my 90th day in Power 90 on June 15, 2003. My wife, Monica (Moe Moe), is the reason that we purchased this program. I am so grateful to her for making the decision to change our lives for the better.

After finishing medical school around seven years ago, my life became very different. I no longer had time to dedicate to my own health and fitness. Going to a gym wasn't an option for me. Starting a new job as an emergency room physician was terribly demanding. I was working many 24 and 36-hour shifts in a week's time, directing one particular ER, while working out of three local hospitals. At home I had one-two- and eventually three children. The little amount of free time that I had was spent with them instead of exercising in some gym. This lack of fitness eventually caught up with me. Before I knew it the pants no longer fit and I found myself winded just attempting to play ball with my son.

As a physician it's not uncommon for me to see many out of shape, overweight, unhealthy individuals on a daily basis. It's my job to tell these patients why they are having chest pains, why they have bad knees, why they cannot get pregnant, why they are having problems breathing, or having problems with numbing in their limbs. It's terribly difficult to lecture someone about his or her weight and inactive lifestyle when I'm not living a healthy lifestyle myself. I needed to set an example to those patients who were coming into my emergency room. I needed to feel comfortable telling them to begin a workout program and push away from the dinner table. They weren't going to take that from someone who was overweight himself.

Power 90 and Tony Horton were the answers to overcoming my own weight problems.

Finding the time was such a huge inconvenience when I was considering going back to the gym. With Power90 I only needed to walk out to my garage, stick in my video and be done in approximately 40 minutes tops. How awesome is that? That left lots of extra time for my family that would have otherwise been spent driving in the car to and from the gym. With Power90 I was able to lose several pounds and inches and increase my flexibility. Even when I was too tired to workout, I did the tapes and felt great afterwards! I can now coach my son's wrestling and baseball teams without feeling out of shape and out of oxygen!

Lastly and most important, P90 has been a great opportunity to spend with my wife. We have loved our workouts together and loved having the accountability. Thank you Beachbody for the design of this program. Thank you for allowing others to share their journey on infomercials where we were fortunate enough to find it. We are now encouraging other such as friends and patients, to get involved with this program and because of our results they are actually quite interested. Thank you Tony Horton, for making this program enjoyable for both males and females, and your added humor in the videos gives us miles of smiles during our workouts. I cannot believe how quickly the past 90 days has gone by. We are now starting PHH and enjoying every minute of it!


Brady H.

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