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2003 Hawaii Trip


Anthony writes:

To you all at,

This testimonial starts at day 70.

Two years ago, June 28, 2001 at age 53, I had a heart attack. This was totally mind blowing for a relatively active, hard working, cholesterol 205, x-ray tech, computer salesman, musician/ songwriter with a four-year-old daughter. What a mouthful. While recuperating, I was able to assess my life and lifestyle. I got involved with a great cardiac rehab center at the hospital where I work and they started me on the path to proper cardio health. After rehab, I immediately joined the gym at the local YMCA and continued on my healthful plan. I was and still am making great strides but I wasn't loosing those pounds no matter how hard I worked out at the gym. I was eating a relatively healthy diet, my cholesterol was down to 158, but I was feeling very plump in everything I wore. My clothes did not fit anymore, and I reached the heaviest weight I had ever been in my life, 222 lbs. That may not seem like much at 6'3" but for somebody who spent most of his life at about 175 lbs, that was a very uncomfortable feeling. It seems when my wife got pregnant, I also put on the weight and was unable to loose it. I can really relate to women trying to lose the baby weight.

The one night I saw the Power 90 infomercial and I was convinced by some of the testimonials that I could do this. I checked with my cardiologist and he agreed as long as I watched my heart rate and continued taking my medications (Toprol/Lipitor/Aspirin), I was cleared to undertake this program. I have to admit, this program took me by surprise. After working out for 1.5 years I was incredibly sore after I started P90. Good thing though is the recovery time was short. I followed the diet plan from the program and cut my caloric intake to about 1500 calories a day in a basic 40/30/30 framework. At day 30 I was down to 211.25lbs. At day 45 203lbs. and at Day 60 a whopping 194lbs.

I am nothing less than astounded at the results I am experiencing. I feel better! My clothes don't fit because they are too big and clothes I haven't worn in years are even getting big on me. Plus, the muscle mass is increasing. Miraculously, after loosing a little over 28 lbs. so far, my shirt size has not changed -.5" on my neck, +1" on the chest and -4" on my waist. The definition I am seeing in my arms, chest and abs is unbelievable. I have renewed vitality and vigor combined with a whole new outlook on diet and life. Never in my life have I been in this good of shape, not even when I was in boot camp. FOR REAL!!

My wife has also started P90 and is three weeks behind me and has lost over 20 lbs. and many inches and looking great. She has had a very hard time loosing the baby weight and was skeptical at first but now is a hard-core convert and very proud of the work she has done. And make no mistake about it is HARD WORK!!! She's too shy to post any pictures but I can assure you the results are remarkable.

At day 90 I will complete this testimonial and post all the results on my home page. I just couldn't wait any longer to comment on this life changing experience I'm having.


Wel,l Day 90 has come and gone and once again the results will speak for themselves. Weighing in at 184.5 lbs., my waist is 34.5", and I'm pretty cut. I still can't believe it's me in the pictures. I will be continuing on my P90 journey for at least three more weeks until my lovely wife finishes up. She (a.k.a. "absmom") has lost at least 30 lbs and many inches from everywhere on her body. So much so that I have had to do some double takes of her because I don't recognize her sometimes. Well, I do, but it's this thinner, sexier, younger looking version of my wife. That's the Power of P90!!

This program has changed my life and outlook on the future. My cardiologist, my attending Doctor and the girls from the cardiac rehab were all astounded by the results. From 28% body fat to 19% in 90 days. The clean living is the way to go. My diet will never be the same nor will my body. Everything has changed for the better and I will NEVER go back!!

I would like to thank the fitness advisors for their prompt answers to questions and to all the people I have talked to on the message boards. Especially, The March Newbies!! I will continue to reside on the boards and will become a coach as soon as possible. I would like to share my experience with as many people as are willing to listen. Because of my cardiac limitations I feel I can help people who are feeling timid about not being able to keep up or that might have to adjust and modify certain exercises to suit their specific needs.

The last word:
I am now at around day 135 doing a modified version of P90. I am now 176 lbs. Today I bought my first pair of 34" waist pants with a little room to spare. It still amazes me to look in the mirror and see the makings of a real six-pack looking back at me. What's even more thrilling is my darling wife. She completed P90 on July 4th and has lost over 40 lbs and probably at least 20" and eight or nine dress sizes. It is truly breath taking to watch her changing before my eyes. She is now coaching her Mom and still going strong. This program has really changed us both in body and mind. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us both. Thank you all for your support and for the motivation to get us through this. P90 Rocks!

Tony B.

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