September 2003


To my saviors at Beachbody,

First, thank you so much for:

  1. Finding your way into my life with the infomercials!
  2. A flexible, reasonable and manageable diet and exercise program
  3. A vibrant, encouraging and inspirational community that has sprung up around you (the message boards! ).
  4. Mr. Tony H. , a true motivator.
  5. Reintroducing me to some of nature's best—fruits and veggies, especially—I forgot how good they taste!
  6. Somehow making my abs go bam, bam, BAM! !
  7. And finally, providing the tools and the guide for me to change my life dramatically and forever.

I remember going to my best friend's house when I was young. I'd eat tons of chips and drink all their Coke, and my friend's mom would say, "Ya know, that's going to catch up with you one day! " Adults! !

Now 30 years old, I had been active and sports-oriented for most of my life, but after college, I went to Japan and devoted more of my time to my job and other interests, and as time passed, I found less and less for any kind of exercise. Then, a few years back and still in Japan, I was involved in a motorcycle accident that left me with a badly dislocated shoulder and some other injuries. This was the final blow to my motivation at the time to be healthy and in shape.

To make a long story short, I came back to Chicago in early 2000, my bride-to-be came soon after, and we got married in August 2002. There's an expression in Japanese which means "happy fat (! ! ! )," and I definitely had accumulated it! . To be harsh but true to myself, I chose to ignore my weight and overall feeling and concentrate on other issues.

Eventually, however, one seemingly unimportant event occurred last summer that provided my wake-up call. My wife and I decided to play co-ed beach volleyball. When we'd go, lots of the guys would play shirtless, showing off their beach bods. Ten years ago or so, I would have been jumping at the chance to take my shirt off on a hot summer day. But I just couldn't. It was too embarrassing. The post-college years of comfort food and social drinking had crept up on me. I knew I needed to exercise more but I didn't have a specific plan and I definitely couldn't find the motivation.

That's where you guys come in! I've read several previous success stories, and could you please include me in the "I can't put my finger on what exactly motivated me to try Power 90" group! I had woken up one weekend morning, turned on the TV, and saw your infomercial—I was hooked, which is an extreme rarity for me since I'm a terrible skeptic by nature. But the infomercial was extensive and covered diet, exercise and supplement guidance, so it seemed to do a lot of the thinking for me. And the exercises seemed focused and compact, something which I desperately needed with my schedule. So in addition to my wake-up call, I now had the method to possibly change my life. Now I needed to find the motivation.

And that's where Tony comes in! Not only did he manage to help stir me to dial your number and try Power 90, he actually got me excited about working out 6 days a week. I still want to know how you did it! ! Again, the exercises were purposeful and challenging, and Tony comes across as just-plain good-natured, and like everybody says, very funny! To me, he was the kind of leader/motivator who would lead you to the water's edge but not force you to jump in. In other words, he'd encourage you to work hard, find your own pace, go for it on those days when you had it, and equally as important, to at least maintain movement on those inevitable days when energy was sub-par or I had a cramp, whatever.

In addition to the exercises, I think I might have memorized your guide with Michi's ladder on the back! So many things I had never given a single thought to seemed to make so much sense, like eating the right foods at the right times. Also, your metabolism guide and calorie advice were major keys in steady weight loss, since they helped me create a realistic 90-day goal and plan for attaining it.

To put it simply, I literally felt like a new person about two weeks into the program. My wife and I were at a supermarket on a Sunday night, and when I used to lack energy at this time, I felt alert and had more energy than I could recall having in the past several years. After the first 30 days, I had lost close to 10 pounds, which I was excited about. What was actually more exciting for me was that I had managed to break my cycle of coming home from work exhausted, plopping down on the couch, and eating whatever I felt like. Now, I felt energetic, excited to exercise, and I wanted to eat healthy!

I think it was around Day 45 that my body broke on through to that other side. I had been losing weight steadily, but my body seemed to respond strongly around this time. The Day 60 photos gave me the courage to post my photos, and the response was overwhelming. I got more compliments and words of encouragement in one day from the Beachbody community than I've received in 9 years on the job! ! I have to say it one more time: this community is full of support, encouragement, and inspiration, and I am honored to be a part of it.

The results have mostly left me shaking my head. How in the world could all these changes occur in 90 days?! My weight went from 166 to 144, my body fat went from 19% to 7%, and my arms and chest actually expanded! Equally as rewarding as the "payoff" pics is this feeling that I'm finally in control of my life again. I feel healthy and strong each day, and I find comfort in the fact that I don't have any more nightmares of accumulating pounds as the years go by. You have taught me some discipline, and this rebel thanks you for it!

Finally and again, I can't thank you enough for putting this full package together. I didn't know this community had sprung up around you, and I certainly had no idea that people were finding inspiration to complete their own 90 days through gained friends, advice, and words of encouragement on your site. If I contribute to that in any way or can help inspire a single soul, maybe you would consider that payback for all those "bonus stretches" you dished out in the videos! !

Best regards and much success,

Todd Klein

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