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September 2003


I never had a weight problem in my early life. All through my twenties, I ate pretty much what I wanted, but I was active enough to maintain a fairly stable weight of around 130 pounds. My parents were both overweight-they are both deceased. My father died of a heart attack, and this is rampant in our family tree, so I'm well aware of the importance of maintaining good health. I have two sisters, and they are both overweight, and have been for all of their adult lives.

When I got into my thirties, I went through a lot of life changes. I had my son. I took in my two nieces as foster children, and I got divorced, all within 3 years. All of a sudden I was taking care of a house and family on my own. These life changes were accompanied by lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes were unfortunately not for the better.

I began to smoke again. I had quit before I became pregnant with my son. I started drinking more.... a glass of wine now and then for "stress relief" became a daily occurrence, and eventually became more than one glass. My eating habits took a turn for the worse. I always had junk food on hand for the kids, so I started eating it too. Potato chips, cookies, cake, candy, popcorn, cheese doodles, ice cream-you name it, I ate it. Eventually the weight began to accumulate. If I started getting too fat, I would "cut back" and lose a few pounds. As far as exercise, that stopped altogether by the time I was 35. With the combination of the tobacco, alcohol, junk food, and lack of exercise, I was a surefire candidate for the inevitable heart attack. But I rationalized it all by telling myself that since I was an adult, I had the right to do anything I wanted! Besides, nothing "bad" would happen to me until I was "older. "

At 37, after a failed relationship, I slowly began to start looking at my life, and where I was going. I knew I had to start making changes. I decided that alcohol had to be eliminated from my life. Drug and alcohol addiction is also rampant in my family tree, and I knew if I didn't stop, that it would probably kill me. That was easy enough to do. I just stopped one day and have not touched it since. It helped to get involved with a new guy who didn't touch the stuff, either. (He's now my hubby) One potential killer out of my life, three to go!

Well, it took another couple of years, but my next realization was that cigarettes had to go next. My son had begged me to stop many times, and I knew I had to do it for him. I used the same approach here-I just stopped, and that was it. Second potential killer out of my life, two more to go! These next two were not so "easy. "

After quitting smoking, I faced the same problem many do...I ate constantly. This combined with the fact that I was extremely content in my new relationship, and felt no need to continually "diet" to try to impress him caused me to slowly pack on the pounds. Over the next three years, I gradually got up to 168 pounds. I was not a pretty sight! During one medical check up, my doctor informed me that I was now falling into the "obese" section of the chart! What an eye opener that is! ! ! Me??? OBESE???? She put me on a diet recommended by the American Diabetic Association. (She also recommended that I exercise-I ignored that part! ! ! ! ) It was the first time I started to try to eat a "balanced" diet as an adult. Here I was, 40 years old, and just starting to learn "how to eat. "

After 3 months I was able to get down to about 145 pounds. I don't know why, but I stopped at that point. I think it was because once I hit that weight, on the chart I was using I was now in the "healthy" range. Of course I was right on the line, but I told myself that was ok, too. I ate pretty good for a while, but old habits die hard, and the weight slowly crept back. After this past Christmas, I was back up to over 150 pounds.

I convinced myself that it was all because I was over 40, and I should just give up any thoughts of ever catching the eye of any males (other than stray dogs) ever again. But a little voice kept nagging at me.... . maybe you can do it. Maybe you can.

Then one Saturday morning, while laying on the living room floor, I saw the Power 90 infomercial. I was mesmerized by all the success stories. Stories of real people like me, and miracle of miracles.... some of them were even my age .... Or EVEN OLDER! ! ! And they looked GOOD! ! ! I started to listen to the little voice.... I wanted to look good again! And I wanted to learn how to stay healthy forever! As soon as the infomercial was over, I was on the internet looking at all the photo threads. Madmack, jamess, aztlgrl, taylore, tonym and Christine2bfit had me captivated for hours. Now I was hooked. I called and ordered the program. Of course, when I told my husband, the response was less than overwhelming-why was I ordering an exercise program from an infomercial???? But I knew I needed this, and I knew I could succeed.

I combined Power 90 with The Formula. I ate exclusively from the fat flush menus, with 99% of what I ate being from the top two tiers of Michi's Ladder. I learned to eat healthy nutritious food that TASTED GOOD! ! ! ! And my family liked it, too! With this combination of Power 90 and The Formula, I feel that I have conquered the last two of my demons (junk food and sloth! ! ! ), and that I have found the secret to good health for the rest of my life.
With the Power 90 program in 90 days I was able to lose 10 pounds and 14. 5 inches. I became stronger and leaner as well.
I started a second round of Power 90, and did that until day 145. On July 22, I started Slim in 6. I've continued to lose inches and pounds (although not as drastically! ) and I'm still continuing to "firm up. " I'm enclosing some pictures from day 145 with my contest entry so that you can see what I've been up to, and that it is still working for me.
Shortly after finishing Power 90, I became a Coach. Coaching has helped me to stay focused and motivated, and I enjoy the feeling of helping others.

I'm here to tell you that just because you are over 40, it does not mean you can't look HOT and be healthy again! We CAN be whatever we choose to be.

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