Rachel F.

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2003 Hawaii Trip


Rachel writes:

I have had weight issues since I was sixteen-years-old. I used to be a gymnast when I was younger and when I quit all my body muscle turned into fat and I looked very thick and being 5'1 any extra weight really shows. Being young, I felt that thin was the only way people would like me or be attracted to me. Unfortunately, I started to starve myself and for well over a month I had one piece of bread for breakfast, and one for dinner. During this time I tried to stay active and that's when I discovered diet pills. The diet pills helped me keep the energy that I was losing from not eating. Shortly after starting my "diet" I lost a lot of weight. I remember having a doctor's appointment and when they weighed me they were very unhappy with my 75 pounds. They said one year ago when I had visited them I was 130!

I was going to high school away from home; I thought this was good because my family couldn't find out about my eating habits. Once high school was coming to an end I flew home for a visit. I tried to act like my weight loss was from exercise and healthy living. Well, my parents didn't buy it and made the biggest dinners and lunches I had seen in a long time!

With the love and support from my friends and family I slowly learned the need for healthier eating habits. I did start to eat healthier but that's where my yo-yo dieting started. I can truly say I have tried every diet and diet pill you can imagine. Pills that curbed my appetite for days, to pills that had my heart pounding so hard I couldn't move!

I then moved out to California where the women are beautiful and the next woman is more beautiful. But the good thing about California is that people are very into health and fitness. I became a swimsuit model and started to eat healthy and tried to stay fit. Every day was such a struggle for me without the major diet pills and starving myself I just didn't know how to go about keeping thin the healthy way. About two years ago I started to really let myself go. Instead of the pills and diet fads abusing my body I started to eat a lot (pizza, cake, chocolate, pizza, fried food....and pizza) and stopped working out. I gained all the weight I had ever lost and turned into a very flabby body. Well, as you might guess, I didn't get modeling jobs anymore and I became very depressed.

That's when I saw a commercial for Beachbody! For once I actually stayed on the channel to see what it was all about? The thing that caught my attention, other than Tony, was that exercise was the main focus! Here it was! Something to teach me exactly what I needed to do, and I could do it right in my own living room. It didn't take much time and I was ordering Power 90 online. The day the box came I read everything from front to back and then I read it again. I was ready to approach this like a lion! And that's exactly what I did!

I started Power 90 full steam ahead and I just finished day 90! I started the program being able to do six male pushups I can now do 25! When I started I could barely get through the level 1-2 cardio workout. Now, I give it 100% through the whole level 3-4 cardio and have great energy at the end of the workout!

I am happy to say I have already lost 15 pounds and I feel amazing! I can see tone forming throughout my body. People always notice I have lost weight and my girlfriends are asking me where they can get whatever I am using? Power 90 has truly saved my life! It saved me from years of abuse to my body and mind. I can't wait to try out the Slim Series and P90X. Beachbody has a lifetime member!

Rachel F.

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